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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's inside the Red Fort?

For our second outing, we decided to take the children on Delhi’ s brand new metro. Before facing the fury of a Sunday afternoon crowd, we split the children in 3 groups and gave them instructions. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

The big ones: Sunil, Suman, Asif, Suraj, were given our driver Bahadur as supervisor. They quickly managed to escape him and ran free, obviously having fun, especially with the escalators.
The medium ones: Shyamu, Ramu, Afrez, Ifrez, supervised by Sidhu and our volunteer Revati. Afrez and Ifrez stuck to Sidhu and asked a lot of questions, most of the time at the least convenient moment to start a conversation, whilst Shyamu and Ramu found that the metro was not so different from the jungle of Jharkhand.
The small ones: The small ones: Lokesh, Kishan, Sameer, Rajesh were supervised by Pascal. They formed a compact commando squad/unit, adopting the ’tortoise position’ as devised by the Roman army.

Thanks to the Photo workshop of Revati, some of the boys are becoming good in shooting pictures. Above are two of their portraits.
We will soon show you more of their productions.

We reached the Red Fort. Lots of stories to tell and to invent, with kings, queens, enemies and ghosts.

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