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Sunday, March 29, 2009

He (nearly) did it

Dears friends and readers of this blog, you are perhaps waiting to find out if Sidhu could make it in his attempt to become the world champion of paper plane flying..

Well, in spite of a bright performance at the regional championships, our hero did not succeed at the national level. We must mention here that he mounted a significant challenge to the other competitiors - well trained specialists who had been preparing their plane for weeks, whilst Sidhu folded his with a piece of paper a mere 2 minutes before competing…
This is what he explained in an interview with the local TV in Bangalore, who was shooting the event and found the story of Sidhu very interesting .

The boy who has launched a thousand paper airplanes in his life, finally got opportunity to experience a journey in the real thing. Yes, Sidhu took the first plane journey of his life, which he found tremendously exciting! He scanned the sky, in search of the gods but could not find any. « This is because the gods live in our hearts » explained Sunil when his brother came back.

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Revati said...

Sidhuuuuuuu, you look magnificient in that flying machine!!!