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Sunday, September 26, 2010

New girls in town

Three new residents have just reached Tara, from the family of the leporidae (bunnies, really).

Renamed Basanti, Champa and Dhanno, these French girls are from now educated in a multicultural trilingual context (Hindi/English/Yogurt). They are the object of all the attentions and cuddles from the children, whose enthusiasm sometimes has to be moderated by the adult. The child in the past has far too many times been hugging cuddly toys and took a couple of several wrong habits…!

After a learning phase, the boys showed delicate with their new girl friends and explain henceforth in a learned manner to the volunteers and visitors that one has to be veeeeeeery sweet with pets.

With excessiveness. Did not the child say recently (end of September, the reader will need elements of reality): “Sir, don’t switch the fan off, the rabbits need it”. And as the adult refuses to sponsor the ventilation of the bunnies (our sponsors will support us in this combat), the child persuades himself that the unfortunate animal is at death’s door and has a hard time focusing on his homework.

Tara is sometime the theater of epic ethical battles: should we, should we not VENTILATE THE RABBIT??

(Please drop your comments and give us your advice on this, we are, to be frank, puzzled on this one)

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