Tara Homes for Children, NGO for street children in Delhi, India

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Dance of the 3 Machos and Other Masterstrokes

Lots of enthusiasm from the 3 Seniors of Tara Tots rehearsing their new dance...

In the 'Peanuts' class, less coordination but same joy to perform in front of the world!

At the park, a new gym teacher: Deepika, 6 years old.
The serious type.
  At the yoga class, Manish shows abilities...

Monday, August 5, 2013

News from the Smallest Democracy in the World

  Rakesh has been elected the new Children's Representative (CR) at Tara Boys.

The Children's Representative acts as an advocate for the boys, attending a weekly meeting with the staff and reviewing problems submitted to the complaint box. Rakesh said that these complaints usually involve resolving minor disputes between boys, but can also include changes the boys would like to see made to the home itself.

«I want to be the leader and give the children a voice» Rakesh admitted with an ear-to-ear smile. He added that he felt the suggestions he had made regarding renovations to the Tara Boys home made the staff happy, and that this helped establish him as a leader amongst the boys. The CR serves for 6-months so Rakesh will have plenty of time to lead!
  There were 5 boys that campaigned for the position: Vinay, Mohid, Rakesh, Lokesh, and Zahid. They each made a speech stating why they felt they were the best choice and then the rest of the boys voted via secret ballot. The four that did not win this time were disappointed but all said they will try again next time.

L to R: Vinay, Mohid, Rakesh, Zahid, Lokesh

Congratulations to Rakesh for winning and all of the boys for trying their best!