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Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Rewarding experience of TARA’s volunteers

At TARA, we regularly welcome volunteers from all over the world to conduct activities with the children and we are always thrilled to see the wonderful work they are doing! Their commitment, their enthusiasm and their hard work help change the story of 65 children and bring joy and passion to their world. Today, we are also very proud to see that volunteering at TARA is a life-changing experience not only for TARA children but also for our volunteers themselves! Anne Désérable, former volunteer, tells us more about her experience:

«I first met the TARA Boys on a warm Wednesday night in the middle of the summer in 2014. Their energy struck me instantly, as well as this sense of brotherhood they had managed to create. I started coming every Wednesday after work, to have dinner with them and read stories to the youngest. After a year or so, I switched to Saturday afternoons and would bring all the boys to a park nearby to play cricket, or football, or whatever they fancied. As days, and weeks and months passed, I learned a lot about each one of them.

Throughout these few years, I've had the chance to witness significant changes in them. Some went from boys to teenagers, others became young men. By the time I left, little Raj had arrived from the Tots, Mohid had gained 50 cm, Rahul was still fearless, Manu could speak great English, Sachin was cheekier than ever, Sameer hadn't stopped smiling once, Ramu and Shyamu had embraced their big brother role, and so much more.

I remember this one afternoon I tried to organize something special for the boys but it failed terribly! It was on a very hot Saturday and instead of going to the park under the heat, I had organized a projection to watch the latest super hero movie. The minute they reached, we experienced a power cut, the video projector could not work, nor the AC or even the fans, and the 20 boys ended up watching the movie on the small screen of my computer, with weak sound and sweating like hell. I was so disappointed and embarrassed! But it's now a fun memory to remember and I'm grateful for their patience on this day.

TARA Boys, you are truly special and I'll never forget you!»

Being connected to well wishing adults, like Anne Désérable, is a fundamental need of TARA's children. Our volunteers really participate in the quality of our work.

Do you also want to join as a volunteer?

At TARA, the emotional stability of the children is our first priority; that’s why we require a minimum of 3 months commitment from our volunteers with the possibility to come on a regular timeslot. Volunteers must be at least 22 years old.

If you also want to experience a human adventure and you meet our requirements, just come knocking at our door and kindly send us your resume and a cover letter at tara@onyva.in

Bruno, former volunteer at TARA 6 years ago came back to TARA yesterday. Today he will join the TARA Boys for the football as he is now semi professional in the discipline in France.
Welcome back Bruno!

The TARA Tots went to buy fruits and vegetables for the cooking activity with the help of their volunteers Louise and Valerie and Monika their nanny.

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