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Monday, September 11, 2017

Environment awareness in TARA Girls and TARA Boys

Environment is a topic that is very important at TARA, both for the staff and the kids! From the beginning of the year, especially the girls have been following an Environmental Program designed by our social workers with the help of professionals and volunteers. The objective was to raise their environmental awareness and to adapt their daily behavior. Until now, workshops on environment have been conducted with Shibani, our volunteer who has a Master in Psychology from Delhi University.

A strong emphasis has been made on waste management (quantities of food are calculated every day depending on the number of people registered on the lunch/dinner’s list), gardening activities have taken place in the park opposite to TARA girls’ home and LED lamps have already been installed in TARA Girls.

This summer was again the opportunity to enhance their awareness, therefore, with the help of our wonderful volunteer, Alice, both TARA Girls and TARA Boys have transformed into an eco-friendly summer camp!

The kids break from school has been a great opportunity to develop the sense of art of the children, using recycle materials, and to discuss the importance of recycling and waste reduction. Vishal, Piyush, Rahul, Farhaan, Manish, Raj and Sachin have built a train with paper rolls and bottle caps, and Sanowar, Monika, Noorie, Sania, Simran and Shikha have created a cute caterpillar and beautiful butterflies with paper rolls.

The kids have also planted grass seeds in recycled yogurt pots. After watering the seeds for a few days, the grass has grown and given green hair to the characters drawn by the kids!

During the summer break, the boys have also watched the documentary « Before the flood » produced by Leonardo DiCaprio at the time he was the United Nations messenger of peace. This movie explains the issues of climate change and the different challenges our planet will have to face in the near future: global warming, sea level rise, pollution, deforestation… It also gives some solutions that can be implemented in our everyday life to protect our planet. During the viewing and the discussion that followed, the boys have shown a great interest and a very impressive understanding of the geographic, economical, and scientific topics that were developed in the movie.

On the next day, the boys have used their newly acquired knowledge for an « eco treasure hunt »: answering questions about climate change enabled them to find some clues, eventually leading them to their favorite treat (chocolates)!

The boys and girls have also prepared some fun posters picturing them holding the earth with the inscription: « The future of the planet is in my hands ». Unsurprisingly, all the boys have pictured themselves as super heros saving our planet!  With such cute and dedicated super heros, we can be highly optimistic about our planet’s future!

The summer holiday is over now but their commitment for environment did not stop there. The establishment of a compost is expected on TARA Girls’ rooftop and the recovery of water (from water filters) for cleaning the dishes and watering the plants should be planed soon.

TARA, wish upon a Star for a better world!

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