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We have been working hard in order to measure the impact of TARA’s actions in the children life. Therefore, in 2016, Shona Casserly and Emily Bild, Consultant in Child Rights, conducted an impact study in order to identify what is currently working well and areas for future improvement.

Also, in 2018, we have conducted 2 quantitative studies (Body Mass Index & education) and 2 qualitative (feeling of safety & social skills) on 54 children.

  1. Body Mass Index – BMI
  2. A child is considered healthy if his BMI is between the 5th and 95th percentile (normal BMI). At their arrival, 78% children had a normal BMI. In 2018, 91% children have a normal BMI.

  3. Education
  4. We converted English and overall average ratings into percentage. TARA children have scored above 60%, ranking « Good to Very Good » on our scale. Only 2 children got unsatisfactory results.

  5. Feeling safe
  6. The children’s feeling of safety in the environment TARA provides is 73%. The results indicate that TARA provides the children with an environment where they are able to feel safe, both at home and at school.

  7. Social skills
  8. The indicator of TARA children’s social skills is reported to be at 77%. This percentage is rather high, which shows a certain confidence and ability to socialize.

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street project girls ngo

The aim of the project was to know about the girls’ vision of the street, considering that they might have been in their personal experience street children, or exposed to that kind of violence, or at least had been the victims of a traumatic background.


Success and independence

We asked one of our TARA Boys, Shyamu, to interview the former TARA children who are now independent young adults.

Independant young adults


Rakesh enjoyed the privileges of TARA till 2017. Right now he is in the 20th year of his life and is working in a Decathlon store as a sports advisor. He advises the customers on what they should buy for which sport. He likes his job very much because there are no bossy people in his store.

He lives in Dilshad garden in a flat, the people around him there are good and it’s a nice society. To balance his studies and job; he studies for 3 hours in the morning and then goes to the job in the evening. When he can not study in the morning, he studies at night around 12 o’clock.

The only fact that he likes after separating from TARA is that he is more independent; he enjoys his privacy. He stated that TARA is a very good place for children where bases of the children are made strong and kids are helped to build their future. He is very proud of what TARA is doing for the children. In his own word, what he is today “is because of TARA”. After leaving TARA he says he met with many flavours of people, some were bitter and sour while others were delicious and sweet. He never tasted such a variety of people in TARA so it’s completely a new experience for him.

Independant young adults


Jaan precisely remembers that he came to TARA on 23rd of March 2009 and he was in TARA till 2015. He is now a 24 year-old man who works as an office administrator in a Real Estate Company. His job consists mostly of paying the bills, writing emails to clients, raising invoices & debit notes, keeping a track of the monthly expense of the company, and keeping office money in order. He loves what he is doing but the salary is disappointing for him.

He lives in Okhla with his family and his brother Javed. He says it’s quite difficult to live in Okhla but we have to compromise with life. Both the brothers built a house in Okhla so it makes life a little easier. It has been 1 year since he graduated, but he is a little worried about the lack of jobs in the market. For now, he is saving money to do his master in Human Resources. He is concerned about his health as the company doesn’t provide him any health insurance.

He has no words to define TARA except that it helps people to become better persons. He says “it is a torch that can show you the way in the dark as if you are left in a dark cave and do not know where to go”. After leaving TARA, he realized how important the values are; he suggests we should stick to our core values as it looks beautiful when it is implemented and they define who you are.

Independant young adults


Sunil came to TARA in 2008 at the age of 12 and stayed at TARA till 2017. He now works as a maintenance supervisor for a Real Estate company. He mostly handles the house maintenance, supervises the labour and pays them for their job. He likes his job because he gets to learn new things from his labours. He also learnt leadership and management and really worked on his speaking skills.

He lives with his friends in a very nice community and they all contribute to pay rent and bills. He is still studying and working at the same time, though he finds it hard to manage the time to study as he is a full-time employee and he gets really exhausted at the end of the day. With his busy schedule, he has still found the time to install a Wi-Fi router to enjoy the media, he has supportive friends and family members, which allows him to stay connected and enjoy a fulfilling social life.

after care program ngo


Javed came to TARA with his brother in 2009 and departed TARA in 2015 when he was 22 years old. He works in a French company called Shanti travels. He has to manage all the organization, travels, accommodation and entertainment of the tourists. He loves his job very much because he is interested in tourism and he likes roaming around the world.

He lives with his brother Jaan and his family in Okhla. He is still studying and working at the same time and contributes some of his salary to L.I.C. (a health insurance company). He strongly believes in TARA, where he says he was “spoon fed”. After stepping out of TARA, life vigorously changed, now there is no one to guide him and he has to manage everything on his own.

He feels TARA is a great place where children are well nourished and given a platform where they can polish their skills and grow up safely. In TARA, he hated when staff scolded him for coming back late from the park but now he understands it was an act of concern. After stepping out of TARA, he experienced that it’s hard to survive, you have to struggle and fight daily. TARA has developed his mind enough so that he won’t go back to how he was living before.