Would you like to donate in kind?

Here is a list of our needs, ordered by priority for donation in kind:


Needs Size in age Quantity
Boxers 8 - 16 60
Thermals (lower) 6 - 13 40
Bath towels 40
Shorts for girls 7 - 8 6
Sport bras 10 - 13 15
Pillow covers 40
Thermals (upper) 6 - 13 40


Washing powder for white clothes
Tissue boxes
Vaseline mosturizer lotion
Washing powder
Dish wash
Hygienic masks


Needs Quantity
School bags 60
Gum stick 10
Water bottles 60
White board markers 70
Brown packing tape 5
Blue gel pens 40
Black gel pens 40

Household items

Needs Quantity
Steel plates 20
Printer Cartridge (Canon MF 4720w) 1
DVD player 1
Matresses 6 inch thick 2
Music system 1
Plastic stools medium size 40
Pendrive 2

Companies, be socially responsible!

Does your company have any surplus goods? Are you willing to let your customers know of your awareness and commitment towards social justice in India? Don't wait any longer! Donate in kind to TARA Homes for Children (not eligible for tax deduction under section 80g) and turn your unsold items into donations for vulnerable children. We accept donated products in good condition and matching our needs.

By becoming our partner, your company will be granted clear visibility on our website and thus state its commitment to make the world a fairer place. At the same you will gather your employees and clients around a common cause.

If your company conducts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities or would like to establish a financial partnership and thus benefit from tax exemptions under section 80g, please contact us to discuss this further.

Families, fight waste and donate to vulnerable children!

Are you leaving Delhi for new horizons? Your furniture, domestic appliances, clothes, books and children toys can get a second life at TARA!

You are visiting New Delhi soon and wish to help the children of TARA by bringing them clothes or stationery? These donations are warmly welcomed in TARA! If you want to bring new items, please note that it is often cheaper to buy them in New Delhi than abroad.

If you wish to donate these items (in good condition!), please send us a short description of your donation. We will revert to you for further details.

These in-kind donations are not eligible to tax exemption under section 80g; but you can benefit from tax deductions by becoming a sponsor at TARA!

Why should I give to TARA?

  • To fight waste and overconsumption: Turn lightly loved clothes and toys of your children into donations to TARA and give them a second life
  • To bring your contribution to a small-scale NGO, committed to Child Protection in New Delhi and recognized for the quality of its work since 2008
  • To help vulnerable children in New Delhi and allow them to grow and be educated in the best conditions possible
  • To participate in TARA’s sustainability by allowing us to cut our costs thanks to your donations

You can help TARA children in multiple ways. Don’t let clothes that no longer fit and abandoned toys languish in a cupboard when they could live a second life with TARA!