Our supporters

Thanks to your support, each TARA child is ensured a roof over his head, a quality education and individual care. Each child is given back his right to grow up with dignity in a protected environment, to be educated and to choose the future of his dreams.

A benefit of your generosity is that each donation to TARA is tax deductible under Section 80G according to the legislation on tax deduction in India. If you are a French or American tax-payer, you can also benefit from tax deduction for your donations to TARA.

Tax deduction benefits for companies

In order to survive, TARA needs the support of foundations and companies involved in Corporate Social Responsibility to help us grow safely and sustainably.

We work in close partnership with several corporate sponsors, whose donations help us cover our costs until our base of individual sponsors are numerous enough to meet all their needs.

We agree with these partners on the expenses they will cover and for which period of time. We report on the progress of our children and the utilization of the funds through several detailed reports. Each donation from corporate sponsors is tax deductible in India, in France and in the US.

Here are the companies and foundations that support us:

Tax deduction for individual donors

Our individual donors come from all over the world and contribute according to their means to the welfare of the children each month. If you want to support TARA’s adventures, please note that we can receive your individual contribution in France, in India, in the US and the UK. Our sponsors additionally benefit from tax deduction in India, in the US and in France.