How to become a sponsor?

You can sponsor a child from Rs. 720/- $12 per month. TARA is able to receive donations in the United Kingdom, the United States, France and India. Donations to TARA are eligible to tax deduction in India under section 80G, as well as in France and in the US. Contact us if you want to become a sponsor and contribute to a small scale NGO in South Delhi.

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From where do TARA’s funds come?

Our funds come from both individual and corporate sponsors. Our NGO is supported by individual donors (in Europe, India, US and Australia mostly), who sponsor the children and ensure 40% of our funding. Companies and foundations help us to cover the rest of our expenses.

Is it possible to donate in kind to TARA?

Absolutely! You can donate items in good condition to TARA. Please note that we cannot pick up donations in person and that you will have to drop them at TARA (South Delhi).

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Organisation and philosophy of TARA

What does « TARA » mean?

TARA means “star” in Hindi. This name was chosen by the first TARA children. “Mango Juice” and “X-Men” were also proposed, but did not sound as good!

Why only 20 children per Home?

Large institutions are prone to generate violence when they exceed their maximum capacity. TARA is an NGO which works with traumatized children. The priority of our Residential Care Programs is to provide them with a safe and secure environment, a family-like atmosphere, enough individual attention for them to grow as children and determine their own futures.

Are you affiliated to any religion?

At TARA, we embrace diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our work. Children under our care celebrate various festivals with joy, fostering a culture of unity and respect for all beliefs.

How to become a volunteer at TARA?

We welcome volunteers aged 22 and more for a minimum of 3 months. The volunteers must be fluent in English, be punctual and regular on the agreed timeslots. Do not hesitate to join us if you are looking for volunteering or internship opportunities in a small NGO in South Delhi, TARA needs your help!

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Is it possible to spend one day with the children, for a birthday or a special occasion?

We really appreciate your desire to spend a special day with TARA children but we have to limit the number of visits in order to ensure the emotional stability of the children. We want the children to know the adults around them and this is not always compatible with a one shot visit. Therefore, we only accept visits from sponsors or former volunteers on these special occasions.

Who are CHAYA France, ONYVA and TARA and how do they interact?

TARA Child Protection and Empowerment is the name of the projects conducted jointly by the Indian NGO ONYVA and the French Association CHAYA FRANCE, both created in 2009. The former is in charge of implementing the projects on the field in India whereas CHAYA FRANCE, association governed by the French law of 1901 on non profits, defines the monitoring and strategic orientations of the TARA projects. The two NGOs are bound by a partnership agreement.

Can I offer a gift to the children?

It is possible to offer a gift under certain conditions to avoid possible jealousies among the children.
The value of the gift must not exceed 300 -/ rs, corresponding of € 4 unless it has a very specific purpose.
We may not be able to tell him that it comes directly from you because not all the children are lucky to have a gift from their sponsors, but we will send you a picture of the child with the gift.
Sometimes we will recommend you to get a gift that the child has chosen, a useful gift or one that can be shared with the other children.

The process is simple, contact us and we will provide you with a link to order the gift under Amazon's website in India. Gifts sent from abroad can be lost, the order under Amazon is the most secure.

The children

Where do the children come from? 

The children come from various places in North India and their family backgrounds are diverse. Many of them come from situations of grave negligence, live in the streets or have been abandoned, trafficked, abused or mutilated.

The children enrolled in our Outreach Centre all live in the community of Saidulajab, South-Delhi. It’s a vulnerable community of migrant workers with very low socio-economic conditions.

The children placed in our Residential Care Programs are referred by the Child Welfare Committees of south-Delhi, which entrust the children to various NGOs in South Delhi; TARA among others.

How are the children chosen?

We do not choose the children.

TARA Outreach Center welcomes all children living in the community, age 3 to 17 years, with the formal consent of their parents. Depending on their age group, regularity and progress, they are promoted to specific classes.

TARA Homes for Children receive the children sent by the child Welfare Committee, in accordance with its admission policy and the number of seats sanctioned in the licence granted by the Dept. of Women and Child Development.

Can I adopt TARA children?

We take care of children being in danger in their community. A majority of them are not orphans and even when they are, they almost always have a family. They are supported by TARA because these families are unable to support them or are themselves a danger for the children. In the rare case of children placed under our care and being declared eligible for adoption, the authority dealing with the matter is the Central Adoption Resource Authority

Do the children live in TARA?

Yes and No.

Most children taken care of by TARA stay with us during the day and go back home in the evening.

The children who are placed in TARA Homes live there on long-term basis. Each Home counts several rooms (according to the age group) and bathrooms, one living room, one activity room and one office for the staff. The children are the only residents of the Homes, supervised round the clock by adult staff members working in shifts.

Do they go to school?

Yes, we make sure that the children are enrolled in school.

Children coming to TARA Outreach Centre are encouraged to be regular in school, they receive help with their homework, extra modules as per their eagerness to learn and talent, extra-curricular activities… TARA facilitates the registration paperwork and liaison with the school. TARA also advises and supports the parents on school-related issues.

The children living in TARA Homes for Children go to various public schools in South Delhi. They all follow their classes in English Medium, as being fluent in English facilitates their social integration. They also receive tuitions and attend a rich palette of outings and extra-curricular activities.

How long will the children stay in TARA?

How long will the children stay in TARA? The children stay in TARA as long as it is relevant for them, for their parents and as long as they respect the rules of the organisation.

In TARA Outreach Centre Children, if he child drops of or is at risk of doing so, the child is counselled, his/her parents are met, either at the Centre or during a home visit. It is observed that being well-known by the families and being rooted deeper in the community allows TARA to effectively promote better parenting.

In TARA Homes, the children stay on a long-term placement order. The pertinence of the child’s placement is assessed yearly by the Child Welfare Committee. Once children finish high school and reach majority, they stay under the care of TARA through our aftercare program TARA Big Birds, until they become fully independent.