TARA learns, TARA grows

Separating a child from his/her family shall always remain a measure of last resort after all other alternatives have been explored. However, very few programs aim to prevent the institutionalization of children in Delhi as of now.

Since 2009, when we started our first project, we have observed that some dramatic family situations which had led to the placement of children in TARA Homes could have been avoided with an early intervention in the families. Based on this experience, we at TARA are expanding the range of our services for vulnerable children in Delhi. We are opening of our very first non-residential program: TARA Outreach Centre.

In order to succeed this project, we need the support of companies and foundations engaged in child protection. If this project make sense to you, please contact us!

A prevention project to broaden our scope

In addition to providing TARA Homes for Children who have no other option, TARA will broaden its scope by developing community-based programs for vulnerable children and families living in vulnerable conditions or in the slums in Delhi. Educational support to the children inside the communities along with family assistance will be provided to combat the vicious cycle of poor education, destitution and social exclusion.

TARA Outreach Center will combine a day-care centre for children and a family-strengthening program aimed at preventing the institutionalization of children who grow up in slums in Delhi. It will be located in the heart of a vulnerable community in Delhi.

Our action plan

To children roaming around in the streets after school, begging and being exposed to multiples abuses, TARA Outreach Centre will offer a safe and child-friendly day care center offering daily tuitions and extracurricular activities until their parents come back from work. The social workers of TARA Outreach Centre will work with the families on guaranteeing their fundamental rights, starting with an administrative identity which is the key to avail government services. TARA Outreach Center will provide family counselling, sensitize the parents on children’s rights, notably gender equality, right to education and identify threats on the children (violence, abuse, addiction, etc.).

Identifying the right location for our first outreach program was the starting point, it was a part of a Feasibility Study which we conducted in 2017. This research was carried out by a consulting firm specialized in urban social issues and Child Protection in Delhi. It was carried out in 6 slums or vulnerable communities of South Delhi, previously selected by our social workers, based on the areas where children in TARA Homes come from. The location finally chosen is the Saidulajab Village in South Delhi.Saidulajab Village is an enclave located between the side of a shopping mall and upper middle-class residential quarters. Mostly poor workers stay in Saidulajab and many families live in very destitute conditions.

By 2020, TARA Outreach Centre will support around 200 children and their families

The next step for TARA Open Center is now to identify its beneficiaries and simultaneously define the criteria to further monitor the impact of the program.

Are Children’s Homes and Family Outreach programs to be opposed to each other? We at TARA believe that these two approaches are highly complementary. Once combined, they provide a powerful grip to eradicate violence towards children.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are a company or a foundation and you want to support this project.