Would you like to donate in kind?

Taking care of the daily needs of 60 children requires important recurring costs. We partner with DonateKart, an indian online platform, which allows you to purchase online the very products you wish to gift to the children.

What if you provided them directly with the items they need?

How does it work?

  • Just go to DonateKart, we keep all the needs of the TARA children
  • All the products which are the most urgently needed are listed, with their price per unit and the quantity requested
  • You choose exactly the product(s), the quantity you want to buy and the currency you pay with
  • DonateKart sends to TARA the products you have bought
  • We update you on the utilization of your donation for the daily care of the children

Why do we partner with DonateKart?

  • It’s easy, quick, transparent and convenient
  • It allows us to receive the exact items we need and in good condition
  • It’s an innovative and simple tool which enables you to simply and punctually support the TARA children

What if you provided them directly with the items they need?


Would you like to support the children of TARA by providing them rations and hygiene products? Our partner DonateKart provides an online platform where you can buy these items; they will be sent to the children once in a month.

Are you leaving Delhi for new horizons and you want to get rid of your furniture, domestic appliances, clothes and children toys? You are visiting New Delhi soon and wish to help the children of TARA by bringing them clothes or stationery? These donations are warmly welcomed in TARA! These items of course need to be in good condition. Send us a quick description of what you would like to donate. Please note that these donations in kind are not eligible to tax exemption under section 80G; but you can avail tax deductions by sponsoring one child every month.


By donating in kind to TARA Homes for Children (please note that these donations are not eligible for tax deduction under section 80g), you turn your unsold items into donations for vulnerable children. And you let your customers and employees know of your awareness and commitment towards social justice in India. We accept donated products in good condition and matching our needs, please send us a description of the items you wish to donate if your company wishes to establish such a partnership with TARA.

By becoming our partner, your company will be granted clear visibility on our website and thus state its commitment to make the world a fairer place. At the same you will gather your employees and clients around a common cause.

If your company conducts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities or would like to establish a financial partnership and thus benefit from tax exemptions under section 80g, please contact us to discuss this further.