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Art for a cause : Mobilising animation for child protection

Embark on a journey with the Undefeated, inspired by real-life experiences of underprivileged and vulnerable children in Delhi.

The Undefeated, a series of 15 short animated movies, is more than just stories, it is a window into the lives of survivors and showcases the diverse ways TARA’s programs support and transform lives. “Love, care and time”, that’s what can truly make a difference for vulnerable children, emphasises Arun, a beneficiary of TARA’s Programs.


The Undefeated is the artistic product of collaborative efforts. Dorothée Adam immersed herself in TARA’s work with the help of the team in Delhi. She wrote 15 scripts inspired by the real stories of the children at TARA. The students of the prestigious school GOBELINS, Paris, conducted research and transformed the narratives into visual masterpieces. The children lent their own voices to the voice over. Ultimately, the students from CNSM (Prestigious music school in Paris) produced the music.


The Undefeated has been screened in cinemas and cultural institutions in France and India. It has been well received internationally, especially by :

UNESCO in Paris

Film Festivals: Internacional de Cine de Lanzarote, Lanzarote, Spain, Indo-French international Film Festival, Auroville, India, Ionian Contemporary Animation Festival ICONA 2021, Online Festival, Greece


TARA is a joint Franco-Indian project working for the protection and empowerment of children in New Delhi for the last 15 years. TARA consists of 6 programmes : 3 children's homes (TARA Tots, TARA Girls, TARA Boys), an aftercare programme for young adults (TARA Big Birds) ,an outreach centre for early intervention in marginalised communities in South Delhi (TOC) and a Training Centre ( TTC

Heartfelt thank you goes to. Fondation Bernard Dumas for their unwavering support