Impact Study

Since 2016 TARA conducts an impact assessment every year.

Key findings of our latest impact study

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Our stories of hope

Story of Faisal and Faiz

Last June, Faisal and Faiz went on vacation for a few days to their mom's place and never returned. Dismayed but determined, the whole team of TARA Boys left no stone unturned to bring the two boys back, safe and sound. Thus, began a 4-month struggle which eventually won us the support of the highest courts and saved the children. Traumatized yet relieved to be at home, the two brothers have resumed school again and their life is slowly returning to normal. Hats off to the team, their persistence also led to a change in jurisprudence!

Story of Anisha

Anisha, At the age of 3, Anisha was living on the streets of New Delhi all by herself. Extremely malnourished and vulnerable, she was exploited by adults and in a grave danger. Rescued and placed in TARA, she quickly reached a normal Body Mass Index, found a reason to live, learned to speak in Hindi and in English, grew in her self-confidence… tremendously.

Story of Aman

Aman was only 4 when he came to TARA in the year 2013 and today, he is 10! He was still a toddler when he lost his mother. As the father had to stay out for work, he left Aman with a lady who remained ignorant towards him. He was not fed properly, there was no attention given to him and was left on his own. This led to the fall in his health. Aman was critically unwell when he arrived at TARA as he was suffering from Pneumonia and rickets. Doctors even said that it’s a matter of life and death. Recently, Aman has received a reward for ‘Caring and Generosity’ towards other children and his teachers at school. He is also a member of his football team in the school.

Story of Sonarika

A victim of Human Trafficking, Sonarika has suffered the pain of loss and separation at a very young age. When she was enrolled in a top school of Delhi, she was struggling with English, despite her good performance in other subjects. Her confidence was extremely low and she was hesitant to do anything. With regular support from her teachers who gave extra-classes and the continuous support that she received at TARA through tuition, Sonarika managed to score well in English, the subject that troubled her the most. She had scored an average of 29% in 2018. This year, her performance was pushed up to 59%. She is a classic example of what hard-work and commitment can do when clubbed together!

When our former TARA children turned adults

We asked one of our TARA Boys, Shyamu, to interview the former TARA children who are now independent young adults. Here are their stories:

The "Street Project"

The aim of the project was to know about the girls’ vision of the street, considering that they might have been in their personal experience street children, or exposed to that kind of violence, or at least had been the victims of a traumatic background.