Impact Study

We have been working hard in order to measure the impact of TARA’s actions in the children life. Therefore, in 2016, Shona Casserly and Emily Bild, Consultant in Child Rights, conducted an impact study in order to identify what is currently working well and areas for future improvement.

Also, in 2018, We have conducted 2 quantitative studies (Body Mass Index & education) and 2 qualitative (feeling of safety & social skills) on 54 children. Here is a sum up of this study:

  1. Body Mass Index – BMI
  2. A child is considered healthy if his BMI is between the 5th and 95th percentile (normal BMI). At their arrival, 78% children had a normal BMI. In 2018, 91% children have a normal BMI.

  3. Education
  4. We converted English and overall average ratings into percentage. TARA children have scored above 60%, ranking « Good to Very Good » on our scale. Only 2 children got unsatisfactory results.

  5. Feeling safe
  6. The children’s feeling of safety in the environment TARA provides is 73%. The results indicate that TARA provides the children with an environment where they are able to feel safe, both at home and at school.

  7. Social skills
  8. The indicator of TARA children’s social skills is reported to be at 77%. This percentage is rather high, which shows a certain confidence and ability to socialize.

You can see all the results of this study below.

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The "Street Project"

The aim of the project was to know about the girls’ vision of the street, considering that they might have been in their personal experience street children, or exposed to that kind of violence, or at least had been the victims of a traumatic background.

Our Success Stories

We asked one of our TARA Boys, Shyamu, to interview the former TARA children who are now independent young adults.

Here are their stories: