TARA Big Birds - Empowering Young Adults Through our Aftercare Program

At TARA, we believe in nurturing the potential of every young adult who lived in our Homes for children. When they turn 18, our commitment to their growth and independence continues through our comprehensive aftercare program : TARA Big Birds. This program is designed to guide, support, and empower these young individuals as they turn into young adult, helping them achieve their goals in terms of education, career, emotional well-being, and financial independence.

Our dedicated team of mentors, social workers and program manager, work closely with each young adult to provide personalised guidance and mentorship. We understand that this transitional phase can be challenging, and we make sure to offer personal care and encouragement.

the road to independance

Financial Literacy

As our beneficiaries transition to living independently, we support them in various aspects of daily life. We believe in equipping our young adults with the knowledge and skills needed to manage their finances responsibly. Workshops and resources on budgeting, saving, and financial planning form an important part of our TARA Big Birds program. We offer practical guidance to ensure a smooth transition.

Emotional Well-being

The journey to adulthood can be emotionally challenging. Our program emphasizes emotional well-being through counseling sessions, group discussions, and activities that promote self-care and mental wellness.

Academic Support

Education is a cornerstone of success. Through TARA Big Birds, we ensure that the young adults have access to educational resources and opportunities. Whether pursuing higher education or skills development, we're committed to helping them achieve their academic goals.

Career Development


We facilitate internships and hands-on experiences that align with the interests and career aspirations of our beneficiaries. These opportunities allow them to gain practical skills, build networks, and explore potential career paths.

Job Placement

Securing a stable job is a significant step towards independence. Our program assists the young adults in finding suitable employment opportunities, providing them with the tools they need to excel in their chosen fields.

Success Stories

Learn about the inspiring journeys of some of our program's beneficiaries. Their stories showcase the positive impact of TARA Big Birds in their lives, highlighting their achievements and newfound independence.

Read their stories here very soon.

Get Involved

Your support can make a difference to the lives of these young adults. If you're interested in volunteering, mentoring, or contributing to our aftercare programs, please contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.