298 Current Beneficiaries

240 Family-based Care Beneficiaries

58 Residential Care Beneficiaries

Objective 2029:
1,340 beneficiaries

Vulnerable children, children at Risk… and their parents

Children living in vulnerable communities in New-Delhi, victims of parental abuse/severe negligence, discrimination, exploitation; children having dropped-out from school.

Enrolled in our outreach centre, these children are mainstreamed or re-linked with school. They are taken care of out of school time and provided with tuitions in academics and with extra-academic activities. Health-camps are organised throughout the year.

Their parents are met regularly, counselled and supported on parenting-related issues, helped to register under the government social schemes.

Through these service proposed by TARA Outreach Centre, parents and children can keep living together while receiving support for child protection and welfare, in accordance with Indian Laws and UN Recommendations to prevent family separation.

Children in Need of Care and Protection

Children are placed in TARA Homes through an order by the Child Welfare Committee, a statutory body which enquires about each child’s situation according to the statutes of the Juvenile Justice Act (2015) and decides if the placement of the child in a children’s home or an orphanage is necessary, or if a non-institutional educational support is more appropriate. Children placed in institutional care are labelled “in need of care and protection”, as per the Juvenile Justice Act 2015.

The CWC officially meets the children every quarter to monitor their progress. The relevance of the placement of the child is assessed yearly.

Young Adults

The TARA Big Birds are young adults who grew in TARA Homes and having reached majority, they need to vacate their seat in a children’s home.

They are at this point transferred to our after-care program, where they gradually learn how to deal with their studies, part-time jobs, budget, schedule... in order to become self-reliant.

Professionals of child protection

The good practices of TARA are been broken down into modules which are taught both internally and externally to managers, social workers and caretakers in the field of child protection.

TARA's expertise in child protection is recognised among government bodies and other organisations. Since 2022, we partner with Guardians of Dreams, an organisation that promotes quality-care in children's homes all over the subcontinent. We have trained other programs in South India with the aim of sharing our expertise and best practice, namely:

  • Refuge, Home of Faith Girls, Home of Faith Boys, Makkala (Kothanur, Karnataka)
  • CHILD (Koramangala, Kartanaka)
  • Preshithalaya (Cochin, Tamil Nadu)