Sponsor a child to change his life!

The children welcomed at TARA have lived for several years in extremely vulnerable conditions. In many cases they were subject to violence, abuse, malnutrition or even murder attempts. When you sponsor a child in Delhi, you show your belief in his potential and capabilities and you empower his self confidence and desire to succeed. If you sponsor a child:

  • You will receive two letters or drawings of him
  • You can visit him by contacting us

You can sponsor a child for one or several of the following expenses:

a child for*
Monthly contribution
in RS
Monthly contribution
in $
Education 5,525 ₹ $83
Home 4,250 ₹ $64
Meals 3,825 ₹ $57
Care Giver 3,400 ₹ $51
Health 3,400 ₹ $51
Bills 2,975 ₹ $45
Sports 2,975 ₹ $45
Books and toys 2,550 ₹ $38
Clothes and bedding 1,700 ₹ $26
Breakfasts 1,275 ₹ $19
Outings 1,020 ₹ $15
* For the education and the home of a child we need several sponsors
** Our NGO is under section 80g in India
*** For US donations, we partner with GoPhilanthropic, a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit registered in the US under EIN: 12-3456789

Sponsor a child and…

  • Offer a roof over his head, a balanced lifestyle and a family like environment
  • Ensure individualized attention and complete care at all times through the presence of a qualified and professional team
  • Ensure adequate nutrition and complete health care, which will help the child you sponsor to grow with the vitality of a healthy child
  • Ensure an excellent education in English Medium (English is a strong marker of social status in India) in quality schools of Delhi
  • Offer a daily in house tuition at TARA to allow the children to grow confident and catch up with the level of their peers at school
  • Develop his various soft skills by encouraging a rich extra curricular education though regular constructive leisure activities (music, dance, football, jiu-jitsu, architecture…)

Benefits for sponsors

When you sponsor a child in Delhi, you contribute to a small scale organization who makes sure that your funds are properly used. 89% of our expenses are dedicated to our social mission, 11% to fundraising and accountancy. See our annual report.

We can collect your donation in India, France, the UK and the US. Your donations in India, in France and in the US are tax deductible.

Help us raise funds, talk about our cause around you and encourage your loved ones to support our fight against child abuse, illiteracy and child malnutrition in India! To promote our cause, ask for a poster that can be used at work, coffee machine, HR portal..

Sponsor a child

Your relationship with the child

Each and every child is very proud to hear that sponsors from all over the world are ready to support them on the way to a bright and dignified future!

If you wish, you can visit the child you sponsor once a month (write to us one week in advance). Therefore, you have the possibility to develop a sustained relationship. Without becoming a substitute for parental figure, you embody a positive role model and participate in TARA’s work by restoring the trust of the child you sponsor in adults surrounding him.

You will receive two letters or drawings each year during the school holidays. Indeed, the youngest children in TARA Tots develop fine arts before being able to write and are always very enthusiastic about sharing their creations with the people who matter to them. TARA Girls and TARA Boys are more keen on telling you about their lives in letters (as soon as they know English!). If you choose to sponsor a home you will receive the letters or drawings of all the children of the home.

Our sponsors usually support us over the long term, which allows them to measure the sustained impact of TARA, the progress of the children and their empowerment.

They trust us

Sponsor a child

When you sponsor a child in Delhi at TARA, you make a long lasting impact and participate in a profound social change in India. You give him all the keys to change and to impact the life of his family and community. Once independent and empowered, the children who grew up in TARA will indeed be able to transmit their values and skills, thus contributing to fighting poverty and illiteracy in India in the long run.

When you sponsor a child, you give him new hope and a future he deserves. You participate in building a fairer society in India by choosing to act against social inequalities and to build a generation of educated, independent and responsible citizens.

One day, these children who mostly came to TARA with haggard looks, emotionally traumatized or suffering from severe malnutrition, will stand on their own feet. When they leave TARA, the frightened children have given way to shooting stars ready for a galaxy of possibilities.

This is the story we want to share with you when you sponsor a child.