The TARA Team

Working in an NGO requires considerable commitment and we are proud that our working environment allows us to put all the advantages of teamwork to the service of Child Protection and Empowerment in India. Our passionate and devoted team is key in the children’s education and development on a day to day basis. Read more about the role each team member plays by pointing the cursor to them in the rogues' gallery bellow!

TARA Team: Through teamwork, trained professionals come from a variety of fields to create the best environment for the children to flourish! In the children's homes24 hours per day and 7 days a week a qualified and professional team of child care specialists supervise the children. Staff rotations allow the presence of at least one staff member at all times of day and night, 365 days per year. Regular training enables them to develop their skills and abilities.

In each TARA program, a Manager coordinates the teamwork and monitors the project. Professional social workers ensure the daily implementation of the Centre's rules and supervise the operational staff (Teachers, nannies, night staff, cooks…). They also work in close collaboration with the families, judiciary institutions, schools and partner NGOs of TARA in order to understand each child’s situation in depth.

The Executive Director, the Administrative Team, the Polyvalent Social Workers and the Partnerships and Communications team add their skills to TARA’s teamwork and participate in the overall development of all TARA programs.