Tara Homes for Children, NGO for street children in Delhi, India

The team

Tara is managed by an international team composed of child protection, education, and development experts. We are always in need of people with particular skills. Don’t hesitate to join us as a volunteer!

  Pascal (French, 43 years old)
Executive Director
« Tara is a promise I made to myself when I saw a 4 years old child sleeping alone on a pavement. Today, the dream has become real, it is carried by an amazing bunch of children, salaried, volunteers, sponsors and a couple of good friends over the world. Every day, with the children, I take classes of humility and courage. And I try to be up to their amazing desire to live and to learn. »
Pascal is a Social Worker, Psychologist and Social Entrepreneur. He has been working in France for the Ministry of Justice (1993/2001), mostly in shelters for children in need of care and protection, as well as juveniles in conflict with the Law. He settled down in India in 2006 to create Tara.

  Sweta (Indian, 25 years old)
Manager, Tara Boys & Tara Tots
« Tara is a place where different languages, cultures, beliefs of faraway lands of globe reside under one roof of democracy and liberty. At Tara Boys and Tara Tots, the tiny angels get their first understanding of identity. Tara family brings out the best possibilities, not only of the children but the employees. As a family Tara heals, Tara supports and share one smile, one passion. »
Sweta is an Honors Graduate in English Literature from Calcutta University. She did her Masters in Social Work from Vidyasagar University.

  Basanti (French, 27 years old)
Manager, Tara Big Birds & Tara Girls
"I came for the first to work with Tara in 2010 as a 6 month intern. From the very first days, I have been fired up about the project. I came back a couple of times and working with Tara became a natural choice. Here I take part of an incredible, ambitious and professional adventure, based on values I share: tolerance, equity, respect, solidarity… Children surprise us every day and new challenges turn up. With the Big Birds and the Girls, emotions and questioning are guaranteed!"
Basanti did her master in Development and International Affairs from Sciences Po Toulouse. She completed her diploma with a Master in Social Work with the objective to start Tara Girls.

  Nitin (Indian, 30 years old)
Admin Manager, all homes
« I know Tara Homes since its inception through my very close contact. I always liked the work they do and especially the way they do it. Here every child is being given a complete individual attention. They have a active participation in all the process. Tara is the place where they see dreams and make themselves capable of full filling them with the help of highly motivated team and volunteers from all over the world. I had never imagined how wonderful it could be to work for children and now I am living and enjoying it every day. They are my main motivation of keep trying and give my best for all the work I do. It’s a great Pleasure to be a part of these great Projects. »
Nitin has a graduation in History from Delhi University. Before joining Tara, he was working as a sales manager in Liberia with Sethi Brothers.

  Akanksha (Indian, 25 years old)
Child Welfare Officer, Tara Boys
« My love for children grew when I interned in an organization working for kids with disability. Since I have joined Tara, I work with children as incredible, who have the chance to live in a home full of hopes and opportunities. Tara gives them a chance to realize their potentials and teaches them to work hard to achieve their goals. Working with children might be a challenge but more than that its fun and inspiring. Working with the boys here gives me happiness and a sense of satisfaction that our efforts are enabling them to make a better life for themselves and their families. »
Akanksha has a Master's degree in social work from Delhi University. Before joining Tara, she has worked in several Indian NGOs.

  Sarika (Indian, 33 years old)
Cook, Tara Boys
« I like working for Tara because it feels like home. I don't feel like we are doing a job. I feel it's my family. I love cooking for the boys. They also help me. The children are very sweet and I love the feeling of acceptance that I get from all the children here. I love that everyone is treated equally and I feel very happy being a part of Tara family.»

  Manju (Indian, 24 years old)
Education coordinator, Tara Tots
"Tara works individually for children and here every single child gets a chance to overcome from his/her difficulties.Its helps the children to become a better person. Their desire to learn and naivety always inspires me to life."
Manju has a graduation in materials management from Delhi University and Tara is her first job.

  Hasina (Indian, 29 years old)
Child Welfare Officer, Tara Girls
« I work as a Child Welfare Officer in Tara Girls to take care of the overall well-being of children which includes their education, health, family, counselling, legal matters etc. And on some specific dates I update the Child Welfare Committee about the progress of each child. Apart from this, my job is to ensure the overall functioning of the home by supervising the work of the Operational Staffs under the guidance of Project Manager (Basanti Caroline Roublin). The most challenging part is to perform the duties flawlessly without facing any hurdles. I like working for children which I’m doing with my whole-heatedly since the end of my studies. »
Hasina has a Master's degree in Social Work from the Univerity of Assam

  Padmeshwar (Indian, 40 years old)
Child Welfare Officer, Tara Tots
« It's been three years that I've been working in Tara. I am able to use my knowledge and services for Tara. The children here get the opportunity to get good education. I learn a lot from the interactions with children and the training provided by Tara also helps me grow. I am happy to be with the children, sometimes we have disagreements, but the innocence of children is that they do not hold on to things for a very long time. I feel good that I am a part of their lives and I'm able to contribute through my service in the development of these children. »

  Anita (Indian, 35 years old)
Cook, Tara Tots
« The children who live in Tara are very lucky. They have the responsibility to study, but they also have the chance to practice various activities, to eat sufficiently and nutritiously, they can fall asleep without fear, they also learn discipline and good manners. They have come out of misery because with all these things, when they will be adults, they will be able to get a respectable place in the society. I am very happy to cook for them because they like my food and I particularly like to see them smile when they eat my meals! »

  Monika (Indian, 40 years old)
Nanny at Tara Tots
« I've been working in Tara for a year and I really enjoy it. Tara looks at the smallest needs of every single children. All things needed for children are arranged immediately without any delay. I am responsible for the smaller ones called "Tara Tots", I have to be very careful with their security, because they are sometimes mischievous and they do not realise the dangers at home or in the park! It amazes me to work in an organisation where children's well-being is the first and last priority. »

  Rilka (Australian, 52 years old)
Fundraising Expert
and Senior Volunteer at Tara

« Tara touches my soul. It is a privilege to be invited into these young boy’s lives and share their experience of life; they teach me more than I teach them. Belonging to the Tara community is an integral to my life. »
Founder in Delhi of Beyond Business Connections, Rilka helps us fundraise for Tara. She now operates from Australia.

  Bharti (Indian, 72 years old)
Trustee and Senior Advisor
« I have joined Tara because I could breathe real democracy and openness to share my point of view which made sense to Tara. Over the years, insight, understanding and conviction in relation to children and keeping them in their families or close to their families, strengthening the families to become nurturing families is what may fructify through Tara, is my hope. In a short time what I have seen here is according dignity, respect, chance to be heard, participate to ones capacity in different facets of life of Tara which equally applies to children and adults. As regards children of Tara, I have seen them exhilarating joy, happiness and security which gave me confidence in the adults looking after children. I am looking forward to a longer relationship with Tara for the reasons that it is such a nurturing family-like place. »
Dr. Bharti Sharma has held various positions: Chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee (New Delhi), Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work at Jamia Millia Islamia University, Family Counsellor, Social Worker, Trainer of Police Officers on Juvenile Justice and child rights, Consultant for prestigious organisations (Save the Children India, CARITAS, UNICEF, CRY, Childline…), she has played a major role for review of Juvenile Justice Act and National Policy on Children – NGO and Civil Society Consultations for Review and Recommendations, she has been actively associated on the Draft Bill on Sexual Offences against Children. She is presently associated to various organisations supporting women and children.

  Tanuj (Indian, 27 years old)
Founder Trustee and French Teacher
« In the real life, I am a Hindi teacher for the expats in Delhi. I come to Tara every Saturday to give French classes. I know by experience that learning a language can completely change your life. This is why it’s so exciting to teach French to underprivileged children, some of them are gifted and even managed to get an admission at Alliance Française…! Thanks to Tara, I feel useful and that is worth gold. »
Tanuj is a Teacher at the French School of Delhi.

  Indrayani (Indian, 42 years old)
Trustee and Senior Volunteer
« Why I chose to be a part of Tara Family
I have seen it grow step by step gingerly
The confidence instilled in the kids is multifold
Their smiles and eagerness to learn is bold
You can see the transformation Tara creates
I can…. I can…. Is the sound that vibrates »
Cool mom of two cool teenaged sons, Indrayani is currently working with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), International Division.

  Jérôme (French, 68 years old)

« Married, father of 4 children, today a retired man, I had in my career a lot of connections with India. In my personal life also: civilization, language, music, literature and philosophy… I am passionate. I came to Tara through my wife Annick who was volunteering here. Conquered by Pascal’s vision, I felt I wanted to contribute. I am happy to steer the French organisation which supports Tara. »
Today retired, Jérôme ended his career as Director of the French Agency for Development (French Embassy) in 2009.

  Anne-Emmanuelle (French, 44 years old)
Vice President, in charge of educational and artistic programs
« What I like about Tara is that, thanks to the small size of the homes, it focuses on the uniqueness of each child and provides a long-term follow-up. It is not simply a question of taking the kids out of the catastrophic situations in which they are and to ensure their basic needs. For each one of them, a true life plan is developed, aimed at improving their respective abilities. They have access to a high-level education, a wide range of activities, international contacts. Tara Boys and Tara Tots are marvelous examples of moral force, talent and humor. I love spending time with them and I feel at Tara like in my second home. »
Anne-Emmanuelle has graduated from Paris University. She has held Art and English workshops for pre-school and primary school students. She writes articles and creates craft projects for children in a cultural magazine.
  Eliane (French, 72 years old)
General Secretary

« Our children are impressive with their will to make it, aware of their chance and ready to fully take their part in this audacious endeavor. The challenge is big but I’m very optimistic for the future of these children. I think this is a fresh original experience that could act as an alternative model for institutional care. »

  Michel (French, 71 years old)

« Tara is a generous and original project that inspires respect. The involvement of my son was a natural reason for me to join and contribute. The technical support from Chaya France is essential to Tara. In my case, I help with the administration (accountancy, finance and legalities). »
Michel was a Partner at Ernst&Young Counsulting and former Director of Audit for Shell France.

  Annick (French, 66 years old)
Trustee and Supply Director of Tara

« Being a mother and a teacher, it’s bliss to work with these children of all ages, surprisingly easy-going despite what they have been through, curious to learn and aware of the opportunity it represents for them, inside an ambitious and original educational project, in a family-like environment that makes them secure. »

  Catherine (French, 64 years old)
« Tara is a beautiful project, obviously but there are 3 personal reasons to my commitment to Tara : children are central in my life, I have 4 and 12 grand-children. Also my trips, whether personal or professionals, took me many times to India which I love and which keeps fascinating me. Finally I came to know Tara and Pascal through my friends Jérôme and Annick who are also board members. The decision to do my part in this adventure is the combination of this love, these connections and this place. »
During her professional life, Catherine was Director of Communication for major brands, the last one being Hennessy brandy, a branch of LVMH Group.

  Kate (French, 57 years old)
« I first came to Tara as a volunteer and I learnt so much! I love the energy and the enthusiasm of the children, I am constantly amazed by their versatility and curiosity, I am inspired by Tara's quest to provide an all-round Education to children of very different abilities. Tara goes from strength to strength thanks to the guidance and love of Pascal and the fantastic team of staff and volunteers. I am very proud to be part of the Tara family.  »
With a background in communication and events organisation, Kate spent 6 years in India working with NGO's. The last two were spent running Main Tendue, a French charitable Trust, in Delhi. Kate is now back in Paris and really happy to remain associated with Tara.

  Soline (French, 58 years old)
« I wanted to make a break in my professional life and I came to spend 3 months with Tara in 2011. Tara is a wonderful project which touched me a lot. I liked at once the atmosphere which reigns around the children in each family size home and the commitment of everyone to go towards an « always better » for the children. All is made to favor the development of the children: not only to give them an education to the widest possible sense but also open their spirit in an international context. I like spending time with the children of Tara, they show an incredible strength in life. I also appreciate sharing my work experience with permanent employees’ team of Tara. They look after the children with patience and creativity in the interest of their future, I am convinced into the evolution of Tara in welcoming other children in new homes. Being part of this adventure is important for me.  »
Soline works for Schlumberger - Multinational company in Oil Services and is Benefits Manager for France. She has made most of her career in the Human Resources both in operational and support functions.


Wasim Ali said...

Attended a session with the Executive Director and it totally changed my view towards NGOs I really appreciate that Mr. Pascal took the initiative to bring a lot of things to our attention that we were not aware of and I am happy to see that Tara Homes has a positive focus on the the future of little minds.
I wish you all the best, couldn't get more happier.
Cheers to you guys... \m/

Wasim Ali

Mohmmad Hussain said...

TARA is a great place for children's it is a platform for those child's who can not fulfil his wish great job doing TARA :-)