You can find here all the videos we make about TARA. They will show you how the NGO was born and introduce you with the people who make this great adventure possible. You will also discover how you can support us and sponsor a child. For more videos, you can follow us on our Youtube channel. You will have access to more stories about the daily life of every child.

The Story of TARA, shot in 2017

This video depicts the creation of our programs and explains TARA’s work in the framework of Child Protection and Education in India. This video also allows you to get to know us better, to understand the context we operate in and the difference you can make by sponsoring a child.

TARA's children story 2018

This video tells the story and project of TARA through those who are best placed to talk about it: employees and children. TARA has changed their lives and we hope that this video will make you want to be part of this change.

The story of the children

In this video, Sweta (manager of the TARA Tots home) mentions the stories of the children and the reasons why they were placed at TARA. It describes the children’s situations but also the role of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), who decides whether the children who are produced to them need to be placed or not.

Sponsoring a child at TARA

In this video, Arantxa, our Partnerships and Communication manager, explains you how you can sponsor a child and the meaning of becoming a sponsor. TARA is funded exclusively by donations; by sponsoring a child you will take care of one or several of the child’s expenses and thanks to your contribution you will enable him to live the safe childhood he/she deserves.

Holi 2018

This is a short film recorded in 2018 by a drone during the festival of colors, Holi. During the celebration, people throw colored pigments at each other. We celebrated it in Lodhi garden, where a great battle of colors took place between TARA children, TARA team and some sponsors who had joined the party. Will you take part in the action next year?

The children daily life

Thanks to this video, you can discover the daily life of the TARA children: their usual occupations, dance shows or theatre plays, but also have a look around their homes. Now you can picture what their routine looks like and what their favourite moments of the day are. Sponsor a child if you also want to offer them a safe and peaceful life and future.

TARA through HugoDécrypte's eyes

In this video, discover TARA's presentation made by Hugo travers, from the Youtube channel HugoDecrypte. Hugo decided to make a video about TARA while travelling the world to meet actors of social changes. You'll find in this video his testimony, Juliette's one from TARA Fundraising team and finally the ones of Noorjahan and Vanshika about their lives at TARA Girls.

Christmas 2017

Here you will find the best pictures of our Christmas celebration in 2017. We held the event in the park right in front of the TARA Girls home. Look how much fun the children had playing all together, and enjoying various activities. And of course, the gifts sent by our sponsors were delivered by Santa Claus!