TARA is opening its training centre for care takers

Taking care of TARA children require a specific skills set and it’s important that our practices be coherent all across TARA programs. Thus, we opened our very own training centre, with the objective of guaranteeing the professionalism of every TARA Associate, employee, service provider or volunteer who interact with the children.

TARA Training Centre (TTC) offers to our newcomers an induction training of three months. For every staff member already in the place, TTC is deepening the knowledge on the fundamental professional tools: child protection, hygiene, first aid, fire instructions…

If you look at the composition of our big TARA family, you will find out that we are in fact a heterogeneous public in terms of cultural origins, school background, genders, ages…. In order for the training to function, everyone has to understand its role but also the philosophy of a project built around child protection and empowerment.

The contents of the trainings given by TTC are divided into modules and given to the staff on their working hours. Every course is ended by a knowledge/understanding assessment of the apprentice.

The training course is composed of several activities created by the TTC team: course documents, meetings with colleagues and other houses members, case studies and role-playing activities.

Once the training is finished, TTC organizes a scheduled follow-up with the trainee to measure his understanding of a specific issue, and his capacity to put into practice what he has learned. The difficulties encountered are discussed together. A reinforcement is dispensed to erase any shortcoming.

On the short term, the following training will be put into place by TTC:

  • Employees’ code of conduct
  • Earthquake protection
  • Juvenile Justice Act
  • POCSO law (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences)
  • English classes for the operating staff

The TTC team is composed of two members:
Sweta, TTC manager (She’s also the TARA Tots manager); Asif, trainer and former TARA Boys.

Sweta « For our first year, we have two main missions: ensure the integration training of every TARA’s adult and reinforce the professional tools mastery for the current staff. The induction program is an excellent way to guarantee the respect of our Child protection policy.

TTC second mission consist in individual training and in measuring the knowledge of TARA’s associates on the correct professional practices.

My mission is to lead these two objectives with a small team, and more globally, the whole TTC project. »

Asif « I’m working daily on regulations. I’m also working on training the employees, teachers and volunteers on these regulations. I’m giving English classes to TARA’s nannies. My current challenge is to redact the first training modules drafts. and I’m improving! Even though I was nervous at the beginning, I really enjoy having that much responsibilities” »

Posted on 02 March 2018