Another Bird Flies Out Of The TARA Nest!

Indian disabled boy

When he first walked into the world of TARA, Vinay couldn’t walk or move about freely. He didn’t really like interacting with the other kids and just wanted to be lost in the crowd. Nostalgically remembering Vinay’s break away from his comfortable cocoon to become the active and happy person that he is today, Isha George, the Child Welfare Officer at TARA Boys says that she’s really proud of the Vinay’s growth and development.

Once upon a time…

When Vinay first stepped foot in TARA in 2012, he had problems in mobility and was usually quiet. Unfortunately, Vinay was victim to cerebral palsy and also developed coagulation in the right side of his heart which later on diagnosed as the missing of pulmonary valve. During his initial days with us, he was scared to even converse to us or the other children. We could sense deep insecurity and under confidence in him because of which he refused to indulge in any kind of activity at all with the other boys. But TARA was determined not to give up and bring out the best in Vinay. And hence, the journey began.

Slow and steady wins the race!

But as they say, time and some love and care can heal everything. This could not have been more appropriate for Vinay, who started showing signs of improvement, slowly but steadily. As soon as he came to TARA, we conducted a few tests on him to ascertain where he needs help and we knew that it was his day-to-day physical activities that we had to focus on. Hence, a separate timetable was prepared for him, wherein more focus was attributed to physical activities. More importantly, TARA focused on giving him an environment of love, care and emotional security. And with time, the impossible did happen! Vinay had finally started moving around independently and indulging in physical activities. He would take a lot of pride and happiness in escorting the kids to school, helping the home staff with cooking, washing and cleaning and giving a hand in posting letters and more. This was precisely the idea – to keep him as engaged as possible, so that he could get all the exercises he needed and be miles away from negative thoughts.

Indian disabled boy

There would be times when Vinay would completely refuse to do his physiotherapy sessions that he was supposed to do religiously everyday. However, everyone’s journey has ups and downs and TARA never gave up on the quest to bring the best out of Vinay. Thanks to all the sponsors, TARA was able to take care of all the operations and physiotherapy sessions that Vinay needed. And now that we see him, happily walking and running about, we feel overwhelmed!

The bird is ready to take flight!

And now, the same Vinay has been admitted into a center called VatsalyaGram in Vrindavan, Mathura where he does vocation studies, computers, craft and a lot more fun stuff! Ah, we still remember the excitement with which he came jumping to us, telling us that he’ll be soon going to Mathura and pursue vocational studies. That was something that he had wanted since a long time, and now, his dream had come true. He couldn’t have been happier and neither could we! The idea of learning all about computers would bring a bright smile across his face. He just loved exploring the different aspects of the computer and surfing the internet for constructive purposes.His flight out of the TARA nest on April this year had got us all nostalgic and we really miss him! We wish Vinay all the best in his endeavours and hope that, one day, he is able to be the limelight in the crowd of people. A warm and heartfelt gratitude to all our sponsors, whose support and care has made it possible for all our children to have a bright future and achieve the impossible.

Indian disabled boy
Posted on 29 May 2019