People will die less of pandemic and more of hunger

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I agree with the statement that pandemic has increased the inequality in India. Although it would be wrong to put all the blame of inequality on pandemic because this has always been in our society since ages. Pandemic has highlighted the social differences which existed in the society. The prevalence of inequalities has now clearly come into notice when everyone, whether rich or poor, has been affected by the outbreak of the virus.

India is one of the worst-hit countries by the pandemic, adding further to the existing problems of the country. Approximately 50% of our working population is engaged in daily-wage work. When they were barred to go out, they lost their source of income. While there are many who sits at home, have all the resources to survive the lockdown and the pandemic while there are many out there – homeless who went through all the possible suffering to simply reach their home, and risked their life.

Even the people working in the private sector have lost their jobs. I believe that people will die less of pandemic and more of hunger. For few, it has always been a hard life. Because of the pandemic, their condition has worsened - People have lost their source of income, and are unable to afford food and other necessities.

If we look at the other inequalities like gender, I am sure many parents who didn’t get the golden chance of learning about gender equality have pulled out their girl child from school. Many fathers are still stuck with the question that why should they pay extra for her? When she is not going to class, she needs to be trained to be a "good" wife as the girl child is supposed to get married and abandon her parents behind so why should they invest in her?. If I start replying to their question, it will get too long, so I wish to just pray for them.

I believe female workers who got their say in the house, it is because they earn. Now as the situation doesn't allow them to work, I think they suffer the most. When they try to raise their opinion they are shunned by their husband, father and also son.

Yes, of course the pandemic has brought us all kind of misfortunes. But to end on a good note, I would like to mention that the water bodies have revived world-wide, air is clearer and Dolphins were spotted on Ganges after decades. The nature improved, although for a short period.

By Shyamu, 19 years old, from TARA Boys.

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Posted on 19 December 2020