Our volunteer story

Our volunteer story:

I am Loïc, 59 years old and volunteered at TARA for a year. TARA is my second experience as a long-term volunteer. For work, I have spent 25 years outside of France: Spain, India, China Reunion Island.

I have known TARA since my first trip to India and when circumstances allowed me to take a break and give my time to others, I naturally turned to it.

My objective was to be useful, to bring expertise and share the fruits of my professional and life experience. I took charge of the organization of the move of the Tots' house, together with TARA’s staff. With anticipation and organization, everything went well, and the children are happy with it. Apart from this big project, my tasks were multiple and varied.

I taught Spanish to the Girls, French to the Boys and spend several hours each day in various activities with the Tots. Together with Akanksha, who oversees the TARA Outreach Center, we worked on the rehabilitation of the house where the center is located. This was done in consultation with an engineer but also with the children themselves, whose suggestions have been listened.

In short, I have never been bored. There is no lack of energy: children are an inexhaustible source of it! I went to each program with renewed pleasure every time. I was amazed from the beginning by the children's zest for life, their eagerness to learn, their curiosity, their enthusiasm, their respect...

To be a volunteer at TARA is to receive at least as much as you give because the children are so generous. Staff of the houses deserves a special mention for his dedication, patience and love for the children which are admirable. Hats off to Caroline and her team for staying the course and remaining serene despite the pandemic’s storm that has shaken the ship so badly.

Photo by Alex Vani: https://unsplash.com/@alexvani075

Posted on 08 April 2022