Interview with Lokesh

In June, four of our TARA Boys, who have turned 18 years old, shifted to our program for young adults: TARA Big Birds. Our budding journalists, Kamal and Noorjahan from TARA Girls, met one of them, Lokesh, and took his interview.

Lokesh is 19 years old and he studies in class 12 in Laxman Public School which is in Hauz Khas in South Delhi. Lokesh is warm-hearted and friendly. He is good at sports, and he really enjoys it! We had an interview with him about his life in TARA Big Birds. He arrived at TARA Boys when he was 6 years old and now, he is 19 and shifted to TARA Big Birds, one of our programs for young adults. We spoke about what interested him in joining TARA Big Birds, and he shared that he wants to complete his further studies and have a bright future. We were enlightened by his statement!

What is the difference between TARA Boys and TARA Big Birds in your daily routine?

Lokesh-In TARA Boys we have fewer responsibilities as compared to TARA Big Birds. We cook there sometimes but the food is mostly cooked by a staff (cook). We have a tutor in the evening for studies and night staff to look after us at night. Basically, we have staff all the time with us.

In TARA Big Birds we are usually busy with our routines and responsibilities.

In TARA Big Birds, we do daily chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. by ourselves. We also study by ourselves. We have some rules and regulations to follow and if we do not follow them, then we have to face some consequences and we might be sent out of the program.

Where is TARA Big Birds located and when did you get transferred?

TARA Big Birds is in Saidulajab, Saket and it is near TOC (TARA Outreach Centre) I was transferred to TARA Big Birds on 9th June 2022.

Who are your flatmates?

I live with Sharwan and Rashid. They are very friendly and helpful. We have been in TARA Boys together since childhood and now it’s a great pleasure to live with them as an adult. Sharwan always makes me happy with his jokes whenever I feel low and Rashid is quite understandable. We are in the same class but we study in different schools.

What are your dreams and plans?

I have two dreams that I haven’t decided on yet. I could choose to pursue hotel management or social work. If I choose to become a social worker, it will help me as I have been living in an NGO where I have seen many social workers. They inspire me! If I choose to become a Hotel Manager, it can help me gain experience in a diverse range of operations.

First, I have to pass high school, then do graduation and do masters in MSW or HM.

Kamal and Noorjahan Posted on 10 August 2022