TARA Girls proudly hosted CWC Members and Chairperson from Bihar, as part of their induction training.

On 5 February, TARA Girls proudly hosted Child Welfare Committee (CWC) members and chairpersons from 22 districts of Bihar as part of their induction training for newly recruited chairpersons and members. The meeting served as a platform for insightful dialogues between CWC members, TARA staff and children to discuss challenges and strategies for child protection and empowerment.

It was also an opportunity to share experiences and explore innovative solutions, and to encourage children's aspirations. CWC members had inspiring conversations with four TARA girls:

• Varuni dreams of painting her way to becoming an artist and shared a vivid vision for her creative journey.

• Kiran wants to capture moments as a photographer. The participants provided her with encouragement and guidance to explore her talents.

• Rimi’s passion for teaching shines through as she aspires to become an educator. They encouraged her to continue to pursue what she loves to dream about.

• Naida shared her love of cooking and her ambition to become a professional chef, and they also offered guidance to help her affirm her ambition,

The visit concluded with a joint rendition of "Hum Hongge Kamyaab" ("We shall overcome" in English), symbolising solidarity and commitment to the welfare of children.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this visit. Your trust and support is greatly appreciated!

Posted on 29 February 2024