Health in TARA Outreach Centers

TARA Outreach Centre (TOC)- Saidulajab launched its healthcare initiative in 2021, where we take a comprehensive approach to community healthcare through our holistic health program. Our efforts encompass daily health awareness and prevention initiatives, where we raise awareness about addressing minor health issues before they escalate, educate families on preventive practices, provide basic medication for children's ailments, and guide them to appropriate healthcare facilities. We prioritize early intervention and referrals, identifying concerning behaviors or signs in children that may require professional attention from mental health specialists, encouraging and supporting families to seek necessary consultations. For children requiring surgical procedures, we guide and support families throughout the process with information and emotional assistance. Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, we offer counseling sessions facilitated by internal and external experts, providing a safe space for addressing emotional and psychological needs. Moreover, Regular health check-up camps offer opportunities for early detection and timely intervention, promoting preventive healthcare. Through this holistic approach, TOC empowers our community with knowledge, resources, and support for maintaining overall well-being, fostering a proactive mindset towards healthcare.

When the child is not coming to TOC for a while, social workers visit the family to assure that everything is ok and help if we can. TARA Outreach Centre recently organised a one-day medical programme focusing on skin-related health problems. The camp, aimed primarily at TOC's beneficiary families and children, proved to be a vital initiative in addressing the health needs of the community. The camp was set up thanks to a strategic partnership with a local hospital, making it possible to provide diagnoses free of charge. This collaboration has made medical resources more accessible to our community, underlining the importance of a strong and affordable healthcare network.

During the camp, the doctors observed and interacted with the children, identifying many skin problems. Although the main focus was on skin diseases, the doctors also responded to other health concerns expressed by the participants. The doctors were extremely patient and took the time to examine each problem, whether skin-related or not. They provided prescriptions, with TARA keeping a copy of each one to ensure effective follow-up. The camp was a real success, bringing essential care to a population that is often neglected. However, the challenge remains to ensure that patients continue their treatment after the camp, especially given the high cost of medication. TOC is looking for partners and doctors to collaborate on an ongoing basis, so that similar camps can be organised regularly, as and when required, in different parts of Delhi.

Posted on 13 June 2024