Our commitment to child protection

TARA defined its rules and regulations, setting them out in its Child Protection Policy. This policy guides all our decisions at TARA and must be respected by all TARA associates.

This page was written on the basis of a workshop conducted with a social worker and a group of TARA Boys and TARA Girls.

What is the Child Protection Policy (CPP)? Why does it exist?

The Child Protection Policy of TARA was established in accordance with Indian law to protect the children, ensure their safety and prevent all kinds of violence, abuse or discrimination (based on genders, ages, castes, religions...). As soon as a new volunteer or staff member starts working at TARA, they must read and sign the Child Protection Policy.

How are the children protected from abuse? What are some of the rules set out in TARA’s Child Protection Policy?

  • Children are supervised 7 days a week and 24 hours per day
  • The staff are not allowed to drink or smoke in front of the children; they cannot insult or beat the children
  • The physical and emotional safety of the children must be ensured at all times. If children encounters a situation which threatens their safety and well-being, they must inform the staff immediately
  • All discrimination referring to their age, skin color, religion, gender or Indian castes is prohibited
  • Dangerous objects cannot be used by the children and access to computers is limited and always supervised
"We do not solve conflicts with fights and violence at TARA"
Raj, TARA Boys
"When we have a problem or when we are sad we can talk to a staff member"
Monika, TARA Girls

How can we be sure that we treat everyone equally and do not discriminate on the basis of religions, genders, ages, Indian castes, etc..?

Each child is provided the same food, the same level of quality education, the same physical and emotional safety. The activities in the shelters are not discriminatory. For example, both TARA Boys and TARA Girls have cooking activities, self-defense, dance classes and participate in cleaning their Home. We do not encourage different academic tracks for our young adults according to the Indian castes they come from, but on the basis of their interests and skills.

How do we make sure that children are regularly in touch with their families?

According to the Indian legislation on Child Protection, the children should stay in touch with their families, when they exist. At TARA, the children call their families every Saturday and families visit the shelters once in a month. This link with parents and families is fundamental for the children’s emotional safety.

How does TARA take care of the children’s health?

A Medical Officer works accross all Homes. She takes care of the children’s health problems and takes them to the hospital or to specialists if needed. A nutritionist guarantees a healthy balanced menu. Children in need of individual psychological support visit our menthal health partner in Delhi as required.

"In the office of each home is a list of the emergency contact numbers: police, firemen, ambulance and electrician!"
Sameer, TARA Boys