Tara Homes for Children, NGO for street children in Delhi, India

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tara’s time table

5 am
Sidhu, Jaan, Suman, Javed, Suraj and Sunil wake up and go straight to their Tae Kwon Do class in the park nearby.

6 am
The care taker wakes the other children up. Everybody brushes his teeth and goes for a 15 mn jogging in the park, apart from our smallest guys Lokesh and Sameer who sleep a little longer.

6.30 am
The children grasp a broom, a floorcloth or a sponge and clean Tara. Vishnu the quartermaster prepares the breakfast and the lunch boxes. The boys split between the 3 shower rooms. Misfortune to the coquettish who spends more than 10 minutes washing!

7.30 am
The prayer starts: “I am a student of Tara. I am equal to every men and women on Earth. I love and respect myself. I love and respect all beings. I tell the truth. I am a good person and today I will work to become an even better one.” Cereals, fruits, Complan and milk for everyone, uniform check and the children, split in 5 teams, leave for school by bus or autorickshaw.

8 am
School. The children study in 5 reputed shools in South Delhi:
2 pm
Back to Tara, supervised by our Education Coordinator. The children get quickly rid of the "How was school?" question. They are hunry and tired. Lunch prayer "I believe I can fly".

3 pm
Nap time. Awaken since early morning, the kids literally collapse.

4 pm
Sport in the park, mainly consisting in fighting and running after a ball. When it’s too hot, we do yoga under the fans. Time to unleash the pressure.

5 pm
Homework time. The boys are divided in 7 differents small groups, each of them placed under the supervision of a teacher or a volunteer.

7 pm
Diner. Prayer “Whatever happens, we all are together”.

8 pm
In room N°1, the night staff reads a story to the smallest ones, who generally fall asleep after 5 minutes, which economically allows us to read the same stories over and over. In room N°2, Sidhu reads for the medium guys who want to know the end. In room N°3, the big ones talk about different subjects: girls, girls and girls.

9 pm
Lights off


k said...

I love that prayer! It is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

it's so lively, felt as if everything happened in my presence, it makes you feel so good, the daily normal routine of children.....

Anonymous said...

this seems like such a loving and wholesome atmosphere, i feel happy just reading about it!

bhataktiaatma said...

I met Tara children around three years ago. I found them very confident and happy.