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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Art And Science Of Magic

After weeks of puzzling questions from the young scientists at Chaya, along the lines of; ‘Do trees bleed?’, and ‘How many satellites are there in space?’,‘How do they get there?... It finally happened; 16 young scientists boldly went where... er... many HAD been before... The Science Museum.

Once in there, it was about anything BUT Science, never mind learning about the evolution of man - Look! There's a monkey chart!, The focus instead was, ‘let's see how we can convert the museum into a fun video game-like place, with a few toy dinosaurs thrown in, oh and plenty of opportunities to see yourself a thousand times reflected in mirrors, and watch balls magically fly in the air (no, please don't bore us with explanations about air pressure and gravity...it's magic!).

In the end they all had one important discovery: never mind how things happen, the fact is, when you watch closely, it IS magic.

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