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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Caution, Wet Paint

A huge blank wall in the paying room was way too tempting for the pencils, pens and paint brushes. there were used to be tested, resuscitated and killed again on it. Who can blame them? We finally understood the hidden message: the Tots want some color! Ok then, be sure that they will have.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are ready for takeoff. Welcome to the Tots universe.

Deepika and Manish playing in the part of the giraffe, while Vanshika wants to be at one with this tree.

A little bird told me that Noorie has found the bug.

Here is a pretty docile elephant which lets Farhan grab his tail.

Manish is taking a walk with his pet. But it is not a leash!

1 comment:

pardesi didi said...

Oh oh !! The TOTS wanted colors and they have !! What a wonderful big painting !! It's so different of the white wall before :)
The Tots too are giving colors to the Tara Home with their nice smile !! :)
They are so colorfull with so different personalities... but always with a smile... :)