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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Party at Tara

To thank all those who helped out with the renovation of the house, and because any excuse is good for a party, the Tara Boys looked their best to welcome their guests for a little party last Friday.

The big boys impressed everyone with their culinary skills and prepared a feast of chicken curry, dal and chinese rice.

Pascal Sir's speech
The guests and volunteers
Showing off an eclectic assortment of colourful ties, the Boys explained to their guests what they thought of their new house (which, ultimate sign of their approval, now beats the Tara Tots home). Here are some of the comments:

Jaan: I'm jealous that you've renovated the house now that I am leaving!

Zahid: When I was on holiday, I was very scared that you were going to break Tara. Now that I am back I'm thrilled to see it wasn't the case!

Shyamu: I will much more free now that there aren't any bars on the windows.

Thanks again to all those who helped out, and we hope you will soon come and see for yourselves our beautiful house! 

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