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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dinner at Tara Boys

An ordinary Wednesday evening, before dinner. Shyamu revises and Lokesh goes upside down.
The moves of Lokesh slightly disturb the concentration of Shyamu.
The bell has rung, time to join the dinner room, passing by the board of birthdays, the program for the day and the complaints/suggestion box.
Standing up, Rakesh the Children Representative shares the most important news from the staff meeting and what answers were given to children's complaints/suggestions.
Emily adds a few points which Rakesh has forgotten (it's tough to take notes... but it is an excellent exercise).
VERY IMPORTANT MOMENT !! The SuperBoy Award of the Week. This week, it's Lokesh who gets the medal for having supported new littlie Piyush.
Lokesh, prouuud !
Vinay (yellow T-shirt) wonders how come the Award did not come to him...
A big round of applause for Lokesh!
Secular prayer of the evening : "Every day, I try to become a better person".
The big ones are serving dinner.
Vishal checks what is available in the pressure cooker and discovers red kidney beans, his favorite dish.
Jaan makes sure all shares are equal.
The discussion is lively. It always is with the Tara Boys!
Please note that our consistent efforts on table manners start to show results...
The Boys talk with our dear friends from Main Tendue, a French group of expats supporting NGOs.
Thanks to Brigitte for the photos!

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