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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Diwali!

  Diwali, the yearly Festival of Lights was very much expected by the children. We spent the day relaxing and playing. Then when the night fell, the children were offered pastries and new clothes. Al dressed up and the mouth full of sugar, they lit up small candles everywhere in Chaya.
But what exactly is Diwali about? In Hinduism, it is the homecoming of Lord Ram, after a 14-year exile in the forest and his victory over the evil demon-king Ravan.
Ifrez is explaining the story.
  Diwali also means a huuuge dinner. Everybody is mobilised is the kitchen to help, except the smaller boys who could have danced all night, who could have spread their wings and done a thousand things they've never done before!
(Yes, we definitely are musical fans !)
  The most exciting moment is to switch on Bengal lights…
The boys wish a very happy Diwali to you and your family. May light be in your hearts for a whole year.

And if that light can be turned into a sponsorship of one of the boys, you will have made that Diwali really exceptional!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Working out at Chaya

  The children have visited a gym club this afternoon. They are very thrilled by that new adventure and decide to show their muscles to the world.

Get ready for a massive explosion of testosterone.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can we have a line? No

  For security reasons, we always ask the boys to walk in line when we leave Chaya.

But forming a line with 13 excited boys at 5.30 pm is not easy, as you can see...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shyamu sings

  The children sing with Annick, in English, Hindi and French.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a big hand for Shyamu interpreting "Frère Jacques"!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chaya Studios present...

I am Thibaud, a 22 years old boy studying in Delhi and I am a volunteer at Chaya.

I am in charge of the video workshop. I come every week to Chaya for an afternoon to teach the oldest boys how to use a video camera. Now that they have learned the basics of technique, we have decided to make a movie!

With the boys, we found a story, wrote the script and the dialogues. They are now starting to rehearse their dialogues... Of course we will publish our film on that blog! You will see very soon that they all are good actors and also very natural. I was surprised about it. I am very proud of them!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Out at India Gate

Last Sunday, we had our first excursion. It was so great to go out of our usual environment! We took a minibus and the children were very excited. They particularly loved driving on the flyovers.

According to the boys' demand, we headed to India Gate. Not sure everyone was really listening to the explanations about the monument itself. The children were given cameras and had to click their own photos. Time to learn about framing, exposure, posed and natural photos… Time to understand that a subject can be treated different ways. Time to decide what needs to be shown and told.

On the little lake, we hired 2 boats and started a race...

Team N°1 won easily as team N°2 was only able to make rounds on the water with zero progression. Lokesh (5 years) was desperate: “Our pride is spoiled”. So Indian!

We came back in the late afternoon, exhausted but happy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Children words

Sometimes, the confrontation of Tara boys and western volunteers makes funny stories. Here are a few of them…

The Westerner: In my country, we don't have these big, green parrots.
The Child: I see, you only have the big red ones.
The Westerner: No, we have no parrots at all.
The child (summing up for his friends): In France, they have no birds.

The Westerner just explained the word « delicate » and asks an example to the class.
The Child: Sir, for example you are delicate because when we don't learn our lessons, you don't beat us.

The child: How do you say « massala » in English?
The Westerner: Well, we don't really have massala back home...
The children (amazed): But then how do you cook?!?

We are watching a movie. The young hero comes back in his luxurious home.
Child 1: Whoa! Is this his house?
Child 2: You’re crazy, it can’t be a house, it’s much too big. It must be his school.

The Westerner is putting moisturizing cream on his face.
The child (surprised): Sir, why are you doing that? You are already white!

The Westerner: Why did you put so much sugar in my tea?
The child: Sir, it’s because I like you very much.

On the blackboard, the children drew an old, bald man looking very severe.
The Westerner (in his thirties, slightly loosing his hair): What a nice drawing! Who is this?
The Children: Sir, this is you.

The Westerner explains "Myself", "Yourself" etc. and asks an example to the class.
Child: Sir, you said you would start a new boarding school but as it takes too long, we will go in the jungle, find trees and build it ourselves.

The Westerner just brought a map of India: Look children, this is India!
The Child: Sir, this is not India, this is a drawing.

Tara’s time table

5 am
Sidhu, Jaan, Suman, Javed, Suraj and Sunil wake up and go straight to their Tae Kwon Do class in the park nearby.

6 am
The care taker wakes the other children up. Everybody brushes his teeth and goes for a 15 mn jogging in the park, apart from our smallest guys Lokesh and Sameer who sleep a little longer.

6.30 am
The children grasp a broom, a floorcloth or a sponge and clean Tara. Vishnu the quartermaster prepares the breakfast and the lunch boxes. The boys split between the 3 shower rooms. Misfortune to the coquettish who spends more than 10 minutes washing!

7.30 am
The prayer starts: “I am a student of Tara. I am equal to every men and women on Earth. I love and respect myself. I love and respect all beings. I tell the truth. I am a good person and today I will work to become an even better one.” Cereals, fruits, Complan and milk for everyone, uniform check and the children, split in 5 teams, leave for school by bus or autorickshaw.

8 am
School. The children study in 5 reputed shools in South Delhi:
2 pm
Back to Tara, supervised by our Education Coordinator. The children get quickly rid of the "How was school?" question. They are hunry and tired. Lunch prayer "I believe I can fly".

3 pm
Nap time. Awaken since early morning, the kids literally collapse.

4 pm
Sport in the park, mainly consisting in fighting and running after a ball. When it’s too hot, we do yoga under the fans. Time to unleash the pressure.

5 pm
Homework time. The boys are divided in 7 differents small groups, each of them placed under the supervision of a teacher or a volunteer.

7 pm
Diner. Prayer “Whatever happens, we all are together”.

8 pm
In room N°1, the night staff reads a story to the smallest ones, who generally fall asleep after 5 minutes, which economically allows us to read the same stories over and over. In room N°2, Sidhu reads for the medium guys who want to know the end. In room N°3, the big ones talk about different subjects: girls, girls and girls.

9 pm
Lights off

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In a small unit like Chaya (20 beneficiaries only), he gets the attention and affection allowing him to grow up.

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