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Monday, October 6, 2008

Children words

Sometimes, the confrontation of Tara boys and western volunteers makes funny stories. Here are a few of them…

The Westerner: In my country, we don't have these big, green parrots.
The Child: I see, you only have the big red ones.
The Westerner: No, we have no parrots at all.
The child (summing up for his friends): In France, they have no birds.

The Westerner just explained the word « delicate » and asks an example to the class.
The Child: Sir, for example you are delicate because when we don't learn our lessons, you don't beat us.

The child: How do you say « massala » in English?
The Westerner: Well, we don't really have massala back home...
The children (amazed): But then how do you cook?!?

We are watching a movie. The young hero comes back in his luxurious home.
Child 1: Whoa! Is this his house?
Child 2: You’re crazy, it can’t be a house, it’s much too big. It must be his school.

The Westerner is putting moisturizing cream on his face.
The child (surprised): Sir, why are you doing that? You are already white!

The Westerner: Why did you put so much sugar in my tea?
The child: Sir, it’s because I like you very much.

On the blackboard, the children drew an old, bald man looking very severe.
The Westerner (in his thirties, slightly loosing his hair): What a nice drawing! Who is this?
The Children: Sir, this is you.

The Westerner explains "Myself", "Yourself" etc. and asks an example to the class.
Child: Sir, you said you would start a new boarding school but as it takes too long, we will go in the jungle, find trees and build it ourselves.

The Westerner just brought a map of India: Look children, this is India!
The Child: Sir, this is not India, this is a drawing.


k said...

I love the things that children say!

Dassan Dassa said...

lol funny stuff..i went to india in jan, its a totally diff. world..i loved it

Revati said...

Westerner to kid: We are standing in fronf of the President's house. What is this called?

Kid: Rashtrapati Bhavan

Westerner to volunteer: Since the Indian President is a woman, shouldn't it be rashtra-PATNI? Because PATNI is wife and PATI is husband...

Volunteer: No. The word Rashtrapati is President and does not mean the nation's husband.

bhataktiaatma said...

Children are very innocent. I love to spend time with children and hear their chatting :-)

bhataktiaatma said...

I love their innocence conversation.