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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Out at India Gate

Last Sunday, we had our first excursion. It was so great to go out of our usual environment! We took a minibus and the children were very excited. They particularly loved driving on the flyovers.

According to the boys' demand, we headed to India Gate. Not sure everyone was really listening to the explanations about the monument itself. The children were given cameras and had to click their own photos. Time to learn about framing, exposure, posed and natural photos… Time to understand that a subject can be treated different ways. Time to decide what needs to be shown and told.

On the little lake, we hired 2 boats and started a race...

Team N°1 won easily as team N°2 was only able to make rounds on the water with zero progression. Lokesh (5 years) was desperate: “Our pride is spoiled”. So Indian!

We came back in the late afternoon, exhausted but happy.

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