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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sponsor a child

At Chaya, a meal costs 9 Rs. (0,16€).
With a regular donation, you can make a difference for these children.

You will actively contribute to the education of one of the boys:
his food, his lodging, his clothing, his health,
his training and blooming through school tuitions, language activities, sport and art workshops

You enable your child to become a child again, to regain the taste of playing, to trust the adults.
In a small unit like Chaya (20 beneficiaries only), he gets the attention and affection allowing him to grow up.

You are directly connected to your child through Internet and will be able to interact with him. You will follow his adventures thanks to our blog.
And what about a video chat to introduce your whole family?
Of course, you are welcome anytime with your children to share the life of Chaya.

The monthly amount of the sponsorship is 1.800 Rs. (30€)

With that money, what do we do?

Are you ready to commit? Write to us

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