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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Suraj and Sunil got 13

Suraj and Sunil just celebrated their 13th birthday.
For once, instead of being given clothes, they could go to a shop and choose. They were a little lost as to where to start. "I don't know what I like" realised Suraj. "At least I know that I don't want to ever wear a pink belt again in my life!" replied Sunil.
(See last post for a zoom on Sunil and his pink belt)
((Please dear friends, if you are giving clothes, remove the pink belts!!))

Getting the date of birth of all the children is not easy because they come from backgrounds where registration and time measurements are considered not so important.
If we can't find out what their date of birth is, we at least try to estimate the year with the help of their families and for the day and month, we use the date of their admission at Chaya.

Their ages and dates of birth are now displayed on a board in the hallway at Chaya. They seem to like it and keep checking it on a regular basis!

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