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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Delhi Monopoly

The Chaya boys have discovered Monopoly! It has overtaken paper aeroplanes as the latest craze. As they count out money, buy up property and compete to be the richest of all, you can't help but note the contrast with their real-life circumstances. And we are faced with a dilemma - is it helping cultivate a bunch of little materialists? Maybe we are taking this all too seriously - but then, so are these boys! Just take a look....

Kishan and Rajesh at work

Rajesh and Kishan are occupied with the very serious business of joining dots, tracing lines and learning numbers. There's no beating the concentration of a child engrossed in their maths and English homework.


Our appeal has been heard! Thanks to Eliane's generosity our BD club has expanded.
Three boys were elected to visit a great book shop and pick out some things on behalf of their peers; Suman for the big boys, Ifrez for the mediums and Shaymu for the little-uns.

Suman took his role of ambassador very seriously, meticulously examining each book.
Ifrez had never been to a book shop before and wanted to buy EVERYTHING!
Shyamu, for whom this was also a debut, found it impossible to choose. He steadfastly refused every suggestion made by the increasingly exasperated shop-keeper. One hour later, the poor woman was completely traumatised! Finally, after much hard deliberation, he asked for a poster of Shrek.

The boys returned truimphant to Chaya, where there was much showing off of their new purchases.

Sharp eyes and teeth!

Rajesh paid a visit to the opthalmologist, where it took all of three people to put the drops in his eyes. Rajesh put up a good fight, but in the end we won!

All the children also went to the dentist. For almost all of them, it was the first time. We were expecting a dental disaster, and so were pleasantly suprised to discover that there were only three cavities in total! In the name of good dental hygiene, Chaya is following a rice-lentil regime, which is low in sugar.

You spin me round, round

Here Ramu is performing a stunning acrobatic feat, with an extremely cooperative Lokesh. We think that the loyal vistors to this blog will agree that theirs is an extremely impressive act. Ramu you're a Superman. And Lokesh you're just too cool.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas with Santa-Ji

...and Shariq the educator got reincarnated in Santa with a moustache patched up with scotch tape.
  Far away from the West, we were quite surprised that the kids asked for a Christmas tree and a Santa-Claus for Christmas Eve. We managed to get a sort of adapted tree and decorated it with Diwali fairy lights...

But let's go back in details to that special evening.
On 24 December in the evening we are all quietly sitting in room N°3 with Revati et Liz and we are telling Christmas stories...

Suddenly, someone rings the bell. The kids go on the balcony to check who this night visitor could be: Santa Claus!! Big mess and a lot of noise...

Santa enters. Immediately, the bigger children notice something strange: Santa Claus is wearing the same shoes than Shariq-Bhaïa. Our woolly explanation (Santa is a friend of Shariq-Bhaïa and as he was cold he borrowed his shoes) only convinces the ones who want to be convinced.

Now enough of that debate, was Santa the real one or not? The discussion is postponed and everybody focuses on his presents...