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Thursday, October 1, 2009

At the Taj Mahal

A drive at the Taj Mahal as our dearest volunteer Annick is leaving, after having spent more than one year fulltime with us. We were all super sad to see her leaving and decided to celebrate instead of moaning. And share one last unforgettable moment.

Javed and Rajesh :

Diljoo and Asif:

In order not to lose the child whose pranks sometimes make him difficult to count, the adult covered him with a flashy head gear:

On the way back, we met an old, disused train. It's hard to know who exactly first said "Prepare to board!", but an hour later, we had to extract our 16 boarders one by one. Although we were explaining them that the train was not meant to move any more, that it was going NOWHERE, that we were wasting our time, that this was not constructive, the child really felt he was moving:

In the end, we went back to our (personal!) bus, sang a lot, fought a little and slept.

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