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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Our appeal has been heard! Thanks to Eliane's generosity our BD club has expanded.
Three boys were elected to visit a great book shop and pick out some things on behalf of their peers; Suman for the big boys, Ifrez for the mediums and Shaymu for the little-uns.

Suman took his role of ambassador very seriously, meticulously examining each book.
Ifrez had never been to a book shop before and wanted to buy EVERYTHING!
Shyamu, for whom this was also a debut, found it impossible to choose. He steadfastly refused every suggestion made by the increasingly exasperated shop-keeper. One hour later, the poor woman was completely traumatised! Finally, after much hard deliberation, he asked for a poster of Shrek.

The boys returned truimphant to Chaya, where there was much showing off of their new purchases.

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