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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Express yourself with gouache

Painting workshop with Marie-Anne. The child is jubilant. He likes to have the colors vibrating.

Lokesh and Sameer are posing in front of their self-portrait :

During the workshop, the children soon realised that they could rely on Marie-Anne, a reserved and serious character, who maintained a position of authority and strict professionalism fitting to her position as educator, throughout the session.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

He (nearly) did it

Dears friends and readers of this blog, you are perhaps waiting to find out if Sidhu could make it in his attempt to become the world champion of paper plane flying..

Well, in spite of a bright performance at the regional championships, our hero did not succeed at the national level. We must mention here that he mounted a significant challenge to the other competitiors - well trained specialists who had been preparing their plane for weeks, whilst Sidhu folded his with a piece of paper a mere 2 minutes before competing…
This is what he explained in an interview with the local TV in Bangalore, who was shooting the event and found the story of Sidhu very interesting .

The boy who has launched a thousand paper airplanes in his life, finally got opportunity to experience a journey in the real thing. Yes, Sidhu took the first plane journey of his life, which he found tremendously exciting! He scanned the sky, in search of the gods but could not find any. « This is because the gods live in our hearts » explained Sunil when his brother came back.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Universality of the Hat Game

Whatever the country, whatever the culture, you can always be sure to entertain kids of all ages with the hat game.
All children love running, skidding to a dramatic stop like in the cartoons, competing and running back and forth with the precious piece of clothes.
These kiddos, we must say, are in the middle of their exams and they are taking a much-needed break from their studies…!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Before, our walls were looking... er... not great.

In one week, two young artists from France have taken care of that.
Vincent and Adrien were eagerly anticipated by the kids... We did noticed however a slight resistance from Sidhu, who was defending his territory and the choice by him of a wall decoration based on an exhibition of his massive complete works in coloured polystyrene.

Using a system of coloured patches, the children decided the colours, shades and scheme.
And then of course very quickly, the tactile call of the paint. A child always wants to make a splash!

The boys have invented scenes, projected and traced out their shadow on the wall.
Below, the 3 rooms:

All the way along, Vincent and Adrien were monitoring the 13 boys, making sure that everyone was involved and that no hazardous activities were tried, like eating the paint!br>

A pink elephant now climbs up the stairs, preceded by a quick turtle.
Suman put the final touch on the project by placing a red tikka on the forehead of the elephant:

At Chaya, we are very happy with our new house.

And the boys are quite proud of the result, which is exultantly exposed to all our visitors, including the gas agent.

We certainly won't forget Vincent et Adrien soon. What's more they have the same hairstyle than Lord Shiva, which continuously fascinated every single one of the kids.
"Sir, Shiva was wearing dreadlocks" very naturally joins the others gems on this blog.
Vincent Shiva Sameer (new style)

Big up for the artists.
To contact these youngters full of talent: http://utopixpower.free.fr

Sunday, March 1, 2009

At the Air Race World Championship

You might not know this, but there are at this moment people all over the world who are desperately competing to become the world's best launcher of... paper planes.
We popped along to the competition, just to have a look. And our big boys were allowed to enter the contest in the regional championships: Sidhu, Sunil, Suman and Suraj. We claimed they were all 15 years old, just a slight exaggeration!

In the crowd of students competing, our big boys suddenly looked quite small and lost.
On the other hand, each attempt of our contestants was met with cheers from the audience. The boys were definitely appreciated.

Here, Suman, one of our valiant champions. He is competing in the "Airtime" category:

Here, Sidhu, in the "Acrobatics" category:

When the final results are announced, huge surprise, Sidhu is selected for the national championships in Bangalore!! We hug hysterically, screaming as if we just won the football world cup.
Sidhu clutches his plane ticket; he will be flying for the first time of his life.

To be continued in Bangalore...
We will tell you about it!