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Sunday, March 1, 2009

At the Air Race World Championship

You might not know this, but there are at this moment people all over the world who are desperately competing to become the world's best launcher of... paper planes.
We popped along to the competition, just to have a look. And our big boys were allowed to enter the contest in the regional championships: Sidhu, Sunil, Suman and Suraj. We claimed they were all 15 years old, just a slight exaggeration!

In the crowd of students competing, our big boys suddenly looked quite small and lost.
On the other hand, each attempt of our contestants was met with cheers from the audience. The boys were definitely appreciated.

Here, Suman, one of our valiant champions. He is competing in the "Airtime" category:

Here, Sidhu, in the "Acrobatics" category:

When the final results are announced, huge surprise, Sidhu is selected for the national championships in Bangalore!! We hug hysterically, screaming as if we just won the football world cup.
Sidhu clutches his plane ticket; he will be flying for the first time of his life.

To be continued in Bangalore...
We will tell you about it!

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