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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Small holidays

The school year is over in India and the children are enjoying ten days of rest before the new year starts.
No big summer holiday for the moment (this will happen in June) but it's time to release the pressure after the tiring third term exams.

It's the computer all day long long for the big ones ("Sirrr, can i use the compioootorrr?") who now all have their own email ids and have picked up the myriad uses of google with alarming adeptness. In the meantime, Rajesh plays the guitar with furor and a very average melodious result...

For his part, Lokesh explores the infinite wonders of the world of Scooby-doo:

Spending 2 weeks in Delhi, Eliane, the president of our French foundation. Here, she is teaching Diljoo how to play Mastermind. Interestingly, the most curious of the boys as to these problems of combinations of tokens was, Afrez. These boys certainly never cease to surprise us.

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