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Friday, May 8, 2009


Here three new guys come to Chaya: Jaan, Javed and Rakesh.

(Yes, Jaan and Javed are brothers)

These gentlemen have been waiting for 8 months (and more or less patiently) to be transferred to our place.
Jaan joined the senior group, where Sidhu was feeling a little lonely being in a group all on his own! Integration Analysis: Getting there.
An overwhelmingly motivated Javed joined the junior group, where his English language abilities are perhaps the focus of some envy? The 3 Su’s (Suman, Suraj and Sunil) surveyed their newcomer with a circumspect eye. Sunil will be the easiest to conquer. Suman somewhat tougher. Integration Analysis: A little way to go.
Rakesh surely has a future in diplomacy or politics! He found his place in the medium group by signing a pledge of allegiance to Asif - boss of the children and future Prime Minister of his country. Integration Analysis: Right on course.

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