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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take the plunge

When our friends Marie and Thierry came to visit us from Belgium and proposed taking our big kids to the pool, we jumped at the chance.

(Suman and Jaan)

A big first time for Sidhu, Jaan, Suman, Suraj and Javed who discovered that a body plunged into water has a hell of a tendency to float. « I knew that », boasted Sunil, who was showing off the skills he learned in the rivers of Chhattisgarh in his early childhood. Then he performed an energetic demo. What to say? Zero for technique but good floating ability, that unfortunately the pool staff’s video censorship does not allow us to share with you.

Facing the liquid element, Sidhu somewhat loses his usually steady nerve and is suddenly 12 years old again… He collapses onto the river bank, his calf muscles numb. «Sir, it’s better to be in Delhi, we are far from the see».

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