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Monday, June 8, 2009

Before school

As our big children are doing their Tae Kwon Do, the rest of the troops have just finished scrubbing Chaya and are getting ready for school. It’s time to prepare the lunch boxes.

Asif is explaining the situation : the jam that he is responsible for dealing with, the bread, the tiffin, one per schoolbag. In the background, Devender the Caretaker desperately tries to rush everyone to be on time for school. The child always needs infinite time to do things, which noticeably curbs his productivity. Rajesh for example, likes to spread his jam on his toast extreeeemeleeey slowly.

In the meanwhile, on the ground floor, those who are not spreading are punching! It is 7.45 am, the adult has barely woken up properly and the child is already in full possession of his physical strength.

Shyamu is neatly perched on the pile of schoolbags, perceptibly distant from the punching bag, whose presence he stubbornly refuses to acknowledge. Each one has his own style and punching a bag is obviously not an occupation that Shyamu thinks worthy of his time.

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