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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A little of your time

  Do you live in Delhi and have a bit of time to spare? Would you like to spend a few hours a week learning from some inspiring kids, whilst they learn from you and having fun into the bargain? We are looking for people of all ages, background and nationalities to volunteer at Tara.

Tutors are what we mostly need, in all subjects: English, Hindi, Maths, Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Sport. We need tutors to teach at all levels, from Kinder Garten/Nursery to Class 8 and you will always with a small group of students (2 to 4).

No previous teaching experience is required; more important is your enthusiasm, commitment and reliability, as well as your passion and desire to share learning.

Ready to give a try? Contact us for an appointment.

(Left: Thibaud teaching video)
Revati explains about India Gate Rilka teaching the name of the colors Tanuj struggling with Hindi We have some very prestigious recruits; even Santa has volunteered for us!

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