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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Funky Diwali

On Diwali, the Festival of Lights, some of the guys were feeling a little low, so we decided to go to town on the celebrations. We took the metro to an amusement park situated in North Delhi.

On the rollercoasters, some were looking distinctly less brave (and perhaps a little pale!) especially with their feet in the air and their heads upsidedown.

The biggest children were not necessarily the bravest (we wont mention any names as these swashbucklers are very careful about their reputation!).

On the other hand, fearless Diljoo (left on the photo) really had a ball and seemed to feel absolutely no fear in the face of jaw-dropping heights and stomach-flipping loop-the-loops! He was desperate to go back to one particularly death-defying ride, but funnily enough no child volunteered himself to accompany him to that machine of torture; it was the adult, still greenish and wobbly from the previous ride who had nobly to step up to the mark. There were hardly any people in the ride itself (for what to the adult seemed very obvious reasons) but on the ground, a large crowd gathered to laugh at the howls and hideous screams of the tortured victims...

The adult succumbed and cried mercy way before the courageous Diljoo did. Never again, Diljoo. "Don't worry Sir, you were not in real danger".

When the sun light dimmed, we came back to Tara and celebrated Diwali in a more civilised and traditional way (much to the adult's relief); candles all over the home, crackers and fireworks on the roof and to end with, a fabulous treat.

The children of Tara wish you a Happy Diwali 2009 !

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