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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas, happy!

The first thing required for Christmas is a Christmas tree. A nice one was chosen by our volunteer RĂ©gine and decorated by the children who are all crazy about it. « Sir, this tree is much better than the one we had last year! ».
And of course since the tree last year was some kind of a… bamboo.

Then Christmas is not Christmas without Santa. Especially the endless wait for Santa. During all afternoon, after each single ring of the bell, the children exclaimed « Santa Claus ». So naturally, when the real Santa arrived from the North Pole (but though, wearing sandals) there was an explosion of joy among the children.

Santa was a little shy this year but he did his job: giving gifts and after all that is in the end all we expect from him. Bearing in mind the real progress made this year: the « Thank you » thing is now acquired by the children.

Everyone was running to find his own space to open his gifts. Here are Kishan and Lokesh making strange discoveries.

We finished it with a delicious meal. This years’ menu for Christmas Eve was mutton, fried kidney beans, all kind of curries and twin-lens cakes. In the air, there was happiness and, why not say it, love.

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